Gangs Town Story v0.21 + Mod – very attractive and action game “Gangsters Town Story” for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money: increase instead of decrease) separately
Tested with offline execution

Gangs Town Story is the title of an extremely attractive and entertaining game in the action style with exemplary graphics and professional gameplay, which is produced by imitating the Grand Theft Auto or GTA game series, especially GTA San Andreas. And it is available for free (with in-app purchases) for the Android operating system. The responsibility of creating, publishing and developing this game is the responsibility of the Russian studio Avega Games, which previously produced another interesting and exciting game called Tegra: Crafting Survival Shooter. Farseroid proudly announces that once again, it will publish an extremely exciting, professional and graphic game as the first Iranian website on the web, and after the necessary reviews and tests, it will be released along with a mod version. It offers exclusive service to you dear ones. The upcoming game has been released with the full name of Gangs Town Story – action open-world shooter, but its other name is Streets of Fire. Gangs Town Story – action open-world shooter, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, is a game modeled after the GTA series. Everything in this game is similar to GTA. These similarities range from the characterizations to the type of designs, gameplay, and even the game map of GTA San Andreas, and if you have already experienced the game in question, you will quickly notice this great similarity. Perhaps more graphic details and the possibility of running at a rate of 60 frames per second are the two main advantages of the game Gangs Town Story – action open-world shooter compared to GTA San Andreas. In the game Gangs Town Story – action open-world shooter, you are in the role of an American gangster who has to perform various missions and stages in a not very law-abiding city. Your job is to go to the designated points on the map and complete the missions of this game by destroying enemies, escaping from the police, participating in competitions, and become the top gangster of this city. The whole game is like the different versions of GTA in the form of an open world (Open World) and you are able to go to any part of this city. Also, like the GTA game series where you could ride various vehicles, Gangs Town Story also has this feature.

Some features of Gangs Town Story – action open-world shooter for Android:

  • Great graphics with lots of detail
  • Fully 3D and optimized designs
  • Unique and accurate design of various environments, items and elements
  • Ability to run at a rate of more than 60 frames per second
  • Professional, well-built and dynamic action gameplay
  • Following the example of the popular GTA series, especially GTA San Andreas
  • Ability to move, run, jump and surf in an open world (Open World)
  • Ability to ride and drive a variety of vehicles such as cars, racing cars and even tanks
  • There are all kinds of hot and cold weapons, including Colt, machine gun or RPG
  • Ability to customize and customize the main character and other items
  • Existence of various missions such as fighting other dumb, stealing, escaping from the police or competitions
  • Third-person view and the possibility of targeting for more accurate shots
  • Existence of an application map and the possibility of using the navigation system to find locations
  • Ability to adjust game graphics in 4 different modes
  • Optimized for proper performance on Android phones and tablets
  • Simple yet professional controllers

Gangs Town Story – action open-world shooter is an excellent and attractive action game that, according to the creators, has taken more than 2 years to make! Although dozens of different games are made in the same style and in imitation of the GTA series, none of them can possibly have the attractive quality of this game. In fact, given the volume and features of this title, it should be given a very good score and admired by the creators. To get more familiar with the style and context of the game, we recommend that you take a look at the screenshots or watch the gameplay video of the game from the relevant section, and then download the latest official version of this fascinating game from Usroid servers and a game. Experience the thrill and action.

Additional points:

  1. The game runs offline, but some sub-missions may require the Internet.
  2. Run the modded version offline because if you run it online, the game may be disrupted.
  3. In the first run of the game and according to the capabilities of the device, the game’s graphics are set to a specific mode. You can refer to the settings section to reduce or increase the graphical details.
  4. To run perfectly and without lag, we recommend running this game only on powerful devices.
  5. This version of the game is still in beta and there is a possibility that this game will not run on some devices.


Gangs Town Story - action open-world shooter



Instructions for installing and running the game:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal memory.

– Run the game.