God of Stickman 3 v1.6.0.5 + Mod – Fighting and exciting game “God of Stickman 3” Android + trailer of
the regular version of the game + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline execution

God of Stickman 3 – God of Stickman 3 is the name of another game made with the theme of Stickman character from the series of God of Stickman games, which is available for free to Android users around the world through Google Play, and we decided As soon as we prepare and prepare this game, we will offer the latest version of it along with its modded version for you action game lovers. God of Stickman 3 is produced in the action genre and its gameplay style is like a few games similar to Stick Shadow Fighter or Z Stick: Battle of Dragon Super WarriorIt is a struggle. This game was developed by the unnamed studio WN Yume. This unfamiliar studio has previously produced several similar simple games, one of which is God of Stickman 2. Stickman God 3 game is modeled on the mentioned games, and in this game, like the same games, you have to go to epic battles and combat battles with Stickman characters! This game even uses the famous character Saiyan in terms of character design, like previous games. In this game, you travel to a fantasy world and in the role of various stickman characters, you can fight with other characters. In this game, you can choose and manage a character, enter combat competitions and go to the next stages by defeating rivals. It is possible to implement a variety of combat methods, combo kicks and use superhuman forces in this game.


God of Stickman 3 - God of Stickman 3


In God of Stickman 3In the role of your main hero, you have to go to battle with other bosses and characters such as Hitz, Jirenz, Zamasuz, Black Gokuz, piccolo, frieza and a few others. Each character has its own characteristics and capabilities. The stages of the game take place in different places and lands. Also, at each stage, special points are considered for you in the campaign section, by which you can earn money and points by preparing them, and with the help of which you can buy and unlock various sections of the game. God of Stickman 3 is not much better in terms of graphics and design than the games mentioned, and the whole thing is a simple graphic with two-dimensional designs. But a lot of visual effects are displayed during the game for special shots and points that make the game visually appealing. The game controls are simple and convenient, and all the capabilities and skills that can be used are displayed as virtual buttons on the screen for players. God of Stickman 3 has more than 95 stages in total. The AI ​​of the game in the upper stages will make the work a little harder for you and your future struggles will be a special challenge for you. This simple and fun game is now available in two versions, regular and mod with unlimited money from the serversUsroid is available for download. It is interesting to know that the game Stickman God 3 was able to get a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 and has been downloaded more than 1 million times!

Changes in version v1.6.0.5:

* Fixed problems and errors in the game
* Fixed the problem of not awarding prizes for watching the video
* Added a new character
* Updated and fixed the problems related to all game characters