Guardian Tales v3.00.0 – Entertaining Role-Playing Game “Guardian Knight Adventures” for Android
A beautiful RPG game inspired by nostalgic and classic pixel titles
Tested by online execution

Guardian Tales – The Adventures of the Guardians is a very exciting and enjoyable game with excellent and well-made designs, belonging to the category of role-playing games. It has been designed and created by taking inspiration from classic and retro games and is offered for free by the Korean studio Kakao Games Corp. to Android users worldwide on Google Play. Simultaneously with the release of the new version of Guardian Tales, Farsoyed has obtained and provided it for download after necessary reviews. You can now visit the relevant section and download the latest official and tested version of the game from Farsoyed. Although Guardian Tales does not have a new, unique, or specific story content and although its overall appearance and design style are also an imitation style, the unique combination of these elements together has made it truly a beautiful and fascinating game, contrary to what we see on the surface. The game’s creator has also used the title Classic Adventure in the introduction of the game, which shows that this game is an adventure game adapted from classic games, especially retro and arcade games of the 80s and 90s AD.


Guardian Tales


The game Guardian Tales tells the story of a land called Kanterbury, where peaceful humans reside in a kingdom that has survived for centuries and generations. During this time, this land has had many enemies and many have tried to destroy this kingdom and the people who lived in it, but no matter how successful they were in causing harm to the land of Kanterbury, they were unable to destroy it. Now, after several years of silence, a completely different threat has emerged for the people of this region. This time, not ordinary enemies, but a great demon with thousands of demonic forces has come here to destroy this land. The kingdom of Kanterbury is protected by a group of guardian knights called Legendary Guardians. Now that this great and dangerous enemy has attacked this land, the only ones who can stop this bloodthirsty enemy are the guardian knights! You are in the role of one of these knights, a young and skilled fighter in battles, and he sacrifices himself to the last drop of blood for the kingdom of this land and humans. You must take control of this character and go on various missions to fight against different enemies. The game has a main section and a multiplayer online section (PvP). The game graphics are designed with pixel modeling, but very good visual effects have been used to give a lot of attractiveness to the overall game. On the other hand, the gameplay of the game is very smooth and will provide you with a very excellent process. To download the latest version of this game, which has been tested, go to the download center of Usroid and download this game from the site’s direct servers. We also recommend that you watch the game trailer video for more information about the game. It should be noted that the Guardian Tales game has received more than 1 million downloads on Google Play with a good score of 4.8 out of 5.0 to date.

  1. The game Guardian Tales is completely online and requires internet to run.
  2. The game servers are available to Iranian players, but if you are unable to run the game, try changing your IP.
  3. In the first run of the game, the required data, which is about 400 megabytes in size, is downloaded without any problems.