Guns and Spurs 2 v1.2.5 + Mod – action and exciting game “Rifles and Blades 2” for Android
Ordinary version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline execution

Guns and Spurs 2 – Guns and Blades 2 is the name of the second part of the Guns and Spurs series of games in the Open World style, which was released for free on Google Play by the Greek studio Sakis25. Simultaneously with the release of this game on Google Play, Usroid has prepared the latest official version of it, and after the necessary checks, it has been provided with a modded version and a data file for download. Guns and Spurs game series based on revolutionary and popular titles such as Red Dead Redemption game series in game consoles as well as the famous West Gunfighter game They are made and paid for in Android because most of the features in these games are modeled on the titles mentioned. Guns and Spurs 2 was made following the success of the first episode. Although this game is not very large, but in fact it should be said that its overall structure has been very good and professional. In this game, you are once again in the role of a cowboy and a gunman in the Wild West, who has many missions and follows different stories. The story is about the main character of the game, a man named Jack Lane. Jack is a paid assassin who travels to dangerous parts of the Wild West to find and arrest the accused.


Guns and Spurs 2


During the game Guns and Spurs 2 You are going to travel to a city where criminals and criminals travel a lot. The city is a great place for a mercenary hunter like Jack. So he goes to this city to get rich by hunting and arresting fugitive criminals! Your main task during this game is to accept these things and follow and find the wanted criminals. In many of these stages, you have to fall into big dungeons and destroy them, but you have to keep the wanted person alive and tie him up with a rope and throw him behind the horse, and then hand him over to the sheriff. Give the city to get your salary. In Guns and Spurs 2, there are side stages and missions such as horse racing. Although the game’s graphics are not very detailed, but the high accuracy in designing the components of the environment and the fully 3D modeling of this game has made this game very attractive and at the level of console games. The gameplay is followed by a third person view. You can run or ride a horse. Guns and Spurs 2 is an open world game where you can explore the city and discover new things. By making money from missions, you can buy a variety of items from the store, such as better weapons or a variety of clothes. If you are a fan of Western style games, don’t miss Guns and Spurs 2 and now the latest version of Download Usroid .



Instructions for installing and running the game:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.frozenlakegames.GnS2 folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal memory.

– Run the game.