Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game v0.4.1 + Mod – “Hexapolis” strategic and attractive game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Pass unlocked section + free purchase) separately
Tested with offline performance

Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game – Hexapolis: Battle of Civilizations is an interesting and very entertaining game with a creative and attractive idea, which was created for free by NOXGAMES studio in the Czech Republic and has been released for Android devices. Usroid this time for the first time among Iranian sitesIntroduces and reviews another game for you dear ones and provides the latest version of it in a tested form in two versions, normal and mod, for you to download completely free of charge to your friends and companions. Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game is a turn-based strategy game in which management elements are also seen. In this game you have to start from a small tribe and turn it into a big civilization to eventually become a powerful empire. The general process of the game is such that at each stage you have to try to get more parts of a general map. In this map, your enemies, who are other tribes, are present. You have to try different strategies and tactics to take over all the houses on the map and expand your borders in the same way.


Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game


In Game Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X GameYou can play the game in turns. This means that at each stage of the game you have the right to move once and like a game of chess you have to wait for your opponent to move. Again, after your opponent has taken his turn, you can make the next move. Note that Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game is completely tactical and strategic, and you must weigh it well before each move. That is why this game is not a simple title and it is an evolved and professional game for skilled players in this field. The more you map and capture more lands, the stronger, bigger, and more developed you become. In this game, just attacking and occupying other lands is not the criterion, and you have to deal with all parts, including buildings and managing your forces, and advance the game professionally. With the help of the money you earn in the game, you can buy various items and different forces from the store. Hexapolis: Turn Based Civilization Battle 4X Game In terms of design, as its name implies, it is in the style of design called Hex or hexagon, which is highly optimized. This optimization has made this game run at almost 60 frames per second on almost all Android devices, even mid-range.Usroid invites your loved ones and fans of strategy games to download the latest version of this game.

Note: In the mod version, the Pass section is unlocked and you are able to purchase store items for free.