Horse Haven World Adventures v9.7.0 – An incredibly beautiful farming and horse breeding game for Android 
The latest game released by Ubisoft Studio
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Horse Haven World Adventures is a new and incredibly beautiful game with lovely graphics and animations from the famous game studio Ubisoft Entertainment for Android devices, which has an adventure style with a special and unique gameplay, in which you must first farm Build your own and then manage and expand it to target horse breeding! Yes… In this game, in addition to farming, you must breed different breeds of horses and participate in various world competitions with them and experience one of the best adventure games. Plant a variety of food products to feed the horses, build multiple stables to keep the horses, breed more than 80 different breeds of horses and experience the best Android adventure game. In Usroid, we always put the latest version of the game for download at the same time as it is released by the manufacturer. Now, the June 1 update of this game is also available for download at the same time as the release, and you can download it for free with a direct link.

Some features of Horse Haven World Adventures Android adventure game:

  • Establish a dedicated farm for horse breeding
  • Create a beautiful farm in the USA, France and…
  • Collect more than 90 unique horses
  • Planting food to feed horses
  • Decorate your farm with your favorite items
  • Possibility to build and upgrade stables, feed mills, etc.
  • Play competitively with online users around the world
  • Participate in equestrian competitions
  • Unique design with excellent HD graphics

Horse Haven World Adventures game currently has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in the Android Market, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users around the world from Google Play, and we have taken the lead in Usroid as always, and the latest, and We have introduced the latest version for the first time to you, lovers of Android and Usroid games, which you can download with one click.


Horse Haven World Adventures