Badminton: Jump Smash™ 2014 is a new and beautiful game in the genre of sports games of badminton from the game development studio MEDIASOFT ENTERTAINMENT, designed specifically for the Android operating system. It brings the experience of the best and most entertaining game of badminton 2014 to your Android phone. If you want to experience a realistic badminton simulation game on your tablet or smartphone Android, do not miss this game! When you run the game, you will be faced with a page with several different players at your disposal, from which you can choose one and enter the world badminton competitions! Most of these players are locked and you must win in various competitions to unlock them!

The display of players entering the field, the excitement of the spectators, the presence of various referees in the game, the different movements of the players, and their reactions after winning or losing have all come together to provide you with the best experience of playing badminton on your Android smartphone. Download the game now.

Some features of the Badminton: Jump Smash™ 2014 sports game for Android:

* Various game modes: The tutorial mode for learning how to play through training courses, the exhibition mode for playing against 32 artificial intelligence players, and the competition mode, which includes 12 extraordinary tournaments.

*Stadiums: In this game, you compete against players in 6 amazing stadiums from all over the world.

* Game Speed: As a player, you can choose one of the beginner, intermediate, and professional options as desired.

* Characters: Choose from beautiful characters based on real world models from the biggest badminton players.

* Languages: This game supports two languages, English and Chinese, and players can choose either one according to their preference.

The Badminton: Jump Smash™ 2014 game has been released for free and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0. Today, we are introducing it for the first time among Iranian websites on Usroid and making it available to you.

Please note that: The game Badminton: Jump Smash™ 2014 is different from the other version that we introduced on the site a while ago! (Click to view the other version of this game that is not related to 2014 and we introduced it with the name Badminton: Jump Smash)

* Fixing game issues and various improvements


Download Badminton: Jump Smash ™ 2014 - Android badminton game


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it. Copy the com.vmediasoft.jumpsmashlegend folder to the Android/Obb directory.


Download Badminton:Jump Smash™ 2014 Android Apk - Google Play