Friendly Fire! v2.14 – The incredibly beautiful and popular online game “Friendly Battle” for Android + Trailer
Original version + Mod version (unlimited diamonds)
It is an online game

Are you one of those who are interested in online strategic games? Today we have the intention to introduce one of the most popular and addictive strategic games called Friendly Fire from the game development studio ShortRound Games for Android, which with a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 and millions of downloads is counted among the top and most popular Android online games! In this game, you have to defend your nation and eliminate your rivals one by one; your rivals are friends and other users from around the world who, like you, are playing the game! At first, you need to strengthen your base by building a powerful army and then conquer the world! As a powerful commander, do your best and form a strong army; undoubtedly, fighting against great leaders will be very exciting! Keep in mind that a strong army always needs a brave commander, and only you can lead this army! Various weapons and tools, including cannons, fighter jets, and advanced weapons, are available to you to experience the best and most exciting online strategic game on your mobile!

Some of the strategic features of the Friendly Fire Android game:

  • Game and battle in various real and exciting locations!
  • Availability of various powerful weapons including cannons, airplanes and different tanks.
  • Various power-ups to increase the power of hits, etc.
  • Very simple and handy controllers for easy game control!
  • Possibility of creating a base with the real flags of countries in the actual location of residence!
  • Possibility of fighting and competing with users from countries such as America, England, Iran, etc.!
  • Having very high graphics and exciting sound compared to its very small size.

The game Friendly Fire is available for free and today we have provided the latest version of it for you on Usroid, hoping that you will like it. As mentioned several times in the post, the game is played online only and requires an internet connection for playing and battling! This game is one of the most beautiful strategic games for Android that will surely catch your attention!

* Addition of new base levels
* New upgrades for oil and metal production and storage
* New upgrades for Research Lab, Minigun, Turret, and Howitzer
* Upgrades for units: Tanks, Scouts, Artillery, Air Strikes, EMP, and Harvesters
* Bug fixes and game performance improvements for the best Android strategy game experience!


Download Friendly Fire - addictive friendly battle game for Android!