XCOM®: Enemy Unknown has finally been released on Google Play for Android users after a long wait, to amaze fans of shooting and strategic games! This game, which was released for computers and home consoles in 2012, was put up for sale a few hours ago for $9.99, and we have decided to introduce it to you as soon as possible. XCOM is the name of a large international group of humans who have formed after a sudden attack by strange and alien spacecraft. All countries have joined forces to eliminate this global threat in any way possible and to start life anew. As the Commander-in-Chief of XCOM, you must have the ability to properly and tactically organize your soldiers and test yourself against aliens and your enemies. Find their weaknesses and knock them off their feet! In the game, the more you progress, the more you can train agile soldiers with more powerful weapons and send them directly to the battlefield! The further you go in the game, the more familiar you will become with the aliens; in addition, in higher levels, you will face more powerful enemies, and thanks to the presence of aliens, your technology will increase significantly!

Some of the strategic features of XCOM®: Enemy Unknown for Android:

* Amazing touch controls for professional soldier control

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If you’re looking for a stunning and extraordinary graphical game, we recommend not to miss the beautiful and unique game XCOM®: Enemy Unknown! To see some screenshots of the game, stay with Usroid. You should note that since you’re dealing with a highly graphical game with advanced features, to optimize your gaming experience, close all your games and programs before running the game.

* Various optimizations and problem-solving for the game.


Download XCOM®: Enemy Unknown - Unknown Enemy Android game


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it. Copy the com.tt2kgames.xcomeu folder to the Android/obb directory.


XCOM®: Enemy Unknown Android - Android strategy game