Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games v1.56.0 + Mod – Puzzle game “Medieval Land” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested with online execution

Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games – Middle Ages Land (Merge Middle Ages) is the name of a puzzle and strategic game that has been released as a free title for Android devices by the Brazilian studio Pixodust Games. This game has been exclusively released on the web by Usroid for the first time in Iran. As the name suggests, this title is designed in the style of merge games. It has a heroic and fantasy story in a fictional world and all its characters are imaginary. This genre of games has been popular among mobile game fans for a long time and we have seen hundreds of games with the same style and design in recent years. In fact, these games are usually made up of two main parts. The first part is related to merging and combining items. These items can be weapons or military forces. The same approach has been implemented in the game Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games. If you pay attention to the full name of the game, you will notice that although it has been released in the puzzle genre, its focus is on role-playing.


Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games


In the game Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games, you play as a female hero in a world full of secrets and dangers. She embarks on a dangerous adventure to restore peace to her land by confronting enemies and battling fierce monsters. Your tasks throughout the game are to clear your village of monsters, help and protect the people, and rebuild the village. The game follows two main sections. In the first section, you must earn points by combining items. In this section, you must combine two identical items to create a better item, and then merge the new item with a similar item as much as you can. In the next section, you must engage in RPG battles with enemies and win through the weapons obtained in these battles. The weapons you can obtain in Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games include swords, axes, knives, gloves, and more. You must actually craft these weapons in a special section. In the game Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games, many adventures await you. So if you are looking for an adventurous, role-playing, and entertaining game that combines puzzle elements, don’t miss Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games and download the latest version for free from Usroid. If you want to learn more about this game, you can watch its introduction trailer.