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My Hospital – My Hospital is a popular, different and entertaining game in the style of strategy and simulation games from cherrypick games for Android , which is offered for free on Google Play and has been downloaded millions of times by Android users all over the world and has been able to score 4.0 out of 5.0 To win! In general, My Hospital is an interesting management strategy game in which you can establish and manage your own hospital and treat all kinds of strange and sometimes funny diseases in it! You can even have a small garden and plant the seeds of medicinal plants in it and get various herbal medicines and drinks to treat the hundreds of diseases that come to your hospital! This is the place where drugs take precedence; Where any treatment is possible! Build and manage your own hospital; Doctors’ offices, diagnostic rooms, medical centers and laboratories are the parts you can add to your hospital! Expand and upgrade your hospital and even invite your friends to visit it! Plant medicinal plants in the garden of your hospital and get medicines and herbal medicines from them, which can cure more than 80 strange and funny diseases. No matter what your patients’ problems are, sore throats, frozen hands, or sputum-filled lungs can be treated anyway! By raising the level of your hospital, you can also open the lock of treatments, new rooms in the hospital and even new diseases! If you are looking for one Management game and great strategy to keep you entertained Undoubtedly My Hospital is the best choice!


My Hospital Android Games


Game My Hospital is one of the most popular strategy games and emulators is that we Usroid  have introduced the latest version of it at the request of a huge range of you friends! If we want to mention other features of the game, we can say that you can change the interior decoration of each part of your hospital to your liking so that patients feel more comfortable in it. There are dozens of decorative items you can use to decorate your hospital, and when you’re done, you can cook in front of your friends! By logging in to your Facebook account from within the game, you can connect with your Facebook friends and even visit their hospitals; You can even compete with them or even sell or buy different treatments for various diseases. You can also learn about the achievements they have made in the game through Google Play game services; They can also find out about your achievements in the game!

Changes to version v2.1.2:

* Various optimizations and game problems