Mystery Hotel v1.0.023 + Mod – Adventure and puzzle game “Mystery Hotel” for Android devices
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited preview + open all levels) individually
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Mystery Hotel – The mysterious hotel that has been published under the full name of Mystery Hotel – Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games on Google Play, is an adventure and detective game from the category of puzzle and enigmatic titles for Android devices that has been made and offered for free. . The creator of this game is Crisp App Studio – Ukrainian Hidden Object Games, which we have previously introduced and published similar games from this developer such as Detective Sherlock Pug , Vampire – Hidden Object Adventure and Around The World in Farsroid. In this article from Farsroid site, we intend to once again present an interesting, exciting game and another story for the first time among all Iranian sites.Introduce and present your service. The game in front of you is called Mystery Hotel – Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games, and its nature is just like other Crisp App Studio games, which exclusively works on making Hidden Object and puzzle style games. In the mysterious hotel game, you are assigned as a special detective to go to a strange hotel outside the city. Where there have been reports of a number of murders, all of which appear to have been carried out by a specific individual, possibly a serial killer. You go to this hotel to investigate and search for crime scenes and you are going to face different scenes and stages.


Mystery Hotel - Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games


در Mystery Hotel – Seek and Find Hidden Objects GamesYou are traveling to an unknown place in Western Europe. Your task as a special detective is to discover enough clues in order to find the mysterious killer of this case. There are various witnesses and people in this hotel that you should interrogate and find out the secret information that only these people have access to. But what makes Mystery Hotel – Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games attractive and in turn challenging is the game’s characterizations and dialogues. According to the creator of the game, no one can be trusted in the mysterious hotel game. What you hear from others may be a lie or a blatant truth. It depends on your ability to understand the truth. Perhaps the killer is one of those people who ostensibly considers himself one of the surviving victims! Therefore, you should use the smallest points as clues with all your focus. An important part of this game, as its title suggests, is related to finding hidden objects. There is even an interesting part in this game where you have to compare two identical pictures and understand the differences between them. Will you be able to solve this criminal case? Can you find the mysterious serial killer of this hotel? So hurry up and download the latest version of this game from the box right nowDownload Farsroid and become a real detective! With more than 10 thousand downloads, the mysterious hotel game has managed to get a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 of user votes.