RAID: Shadow Legends v6.22.1 – Role-playing game “Assault: Myths from the World of Shadows” for Android
A competitive game with great graphics and designs and over 10 million downloads
Tested by running online

RAID: Shadow Legends is an exciting action game from an online and competitive role-playing game that has been produced and released for free by Plarium Global Ltd Studio and is available to Android users. Usroid, at your request, dear ones, has provided the latest update of this game for free and tested download, so that you can easily download it from the site’s fast servers and install it on your Android mobile phone or tablet with just one click, and Experience a special and attractive competitive game. In this game, you are in the role of legendary and mythical heroes who are present in a world called Teleria and try to save these lands that have now become a great battlefield. Many enemies of demons and demons have attacked this important and strategic area. But this place is full of different heroes. In RAID: Shadow Legends, there are hundreds of different types of heroes and characters from 16 different groups and races, some of whom are demonic creatures and some imaginary creatures, along with humans. The world of Teleria is a huge battlefield of dozens of different groups. You too can join the ranks of these legendary fighters, have your hero character and try to succeed in these competitions. The whole game is related to online and internet campaigns. Your job is to nurture and upgrade your hero characters to succeed in the battles ahead.


RAID: Shadow Legends


In RAID: Shadow Legends, you can choose between different races and types of heroes such as wizards, orcs, elves, knights and… your heroes. Each character has unique abilities that other heroes do not have. Therefore, the correct choice of heroes and fighters in this game requires special attention. The gameplay style of the game is Turn-based Strategy, and in this regard, the game is modeled on reputable titles such as Auto Chess and Dota Underlords. This game has different sections such as PVE campaigns and PVP competitions. In the PVE section, you can perform individual steps and missions in 13 different sections and earn points and special items in the game. But in the PVP section, you can fight with other players to collect XP points and other points to increase the player level. RAID: Shadow Legends is excellent and professional in terms of design and its graphic details are great. The smooth and well-made gameplay of the game has turned this title from a simple and simple mobile game to a console and attractive game. Hundreds of different items, breathtaking battles and numerous challenges await you in RAID: Shadow Legends. This beautiful game is an interesting combination of action, strategic, tactical and most importantly role-playing styles. Usroid has prepared and released the latest official version of this game in a tested form.


Note: The game is online and can not be hacked [no mode].