Reactor – Idle Tycoon v1.72.49 + Mod – A strategic and entertaining game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested and fully playable offline

Reactor – Idle Tycoon – رآکتور is the full name of a very exciting and sophisticated game that, along with its interesting designs, can be a very entertaining option for your leisure time. This game is produced in the strategy genre with elements of clicker games in the style of Idle Tycoon games related to income and business. The responsibility for the production and release of this game is on the RSGapps – Idle Tycoon Games studio. In Reactor – Idle Tycoon – Energy Business Manager, which has very interesting content, you are a big business manager who intends to build a large industrial base for energy production. In fact, you need to build a nuclear power plant and use any other system that can be used to produce energy and electricity. Then you need to expand your power plant and develop it with various tools. Finally, you need to make money from the energy you produce. You can earn income by selling them to customers. Initially, your income will not be high, but the more you build a larger power plant and produce more energy and electricity, the more your income will increase. However, the key to success in these stages is not just using more tools. For more success in this regard, you need a high strategic and managerial power. Reactor – Idle Tycoon – Energy Business Manager has many interesting and challenging challenges that make you focused and challenged while having fun. If you do not take the necessary steps at the right time, all your efforts may be lost in a few moments! The designs of this game are pixelated, like many other similar clicker-style games. Although these designs may seem simple, they actually increase the attractiveness of these types of games, contrary to popular belief.

Some of the features of Reactor – Idle Tycoon. Energy Business Manager for Android:

  • Interesting designs with pixel graphics
  • Strategic style with management elements
  • Idle Clicker gameplay with Tap Tap mechanism
  • Possibility to build various power plants in different locations
  • Ability to use more than 15 types of power generation tools such as atomic power plants, wind turbines, Tesla coils, or solar panels
  • Possibility to sell the produced energy and earn income
  • Ability to manage sales and income
  • Efforts to turn a small business into a reputable giant company
  • Ability to create various automations for the automatic operation of power plant sections
  • Travel to 10 different islands to set up power plants
  • Very low volume and no need for internet

Reactor – Idle Tycoon. Energy Business Manager is a small and entertaining clicker game for passing leisure time. This beautiful game with its numerous and attractive challenges can keep you entertained for hours and even be a competitive game for you and your friends. So far, this game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play and has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from user reviews. Usroid has provided this management and clicker game in both regular and modded versions with the ability to make free purchases.

Note: If you have installed the mod version and did not see unlimited money after entering the game, close the game once and re-enter.


Reactor - Idle Tycoon. Energy Business Manager