Rise Up v2.7.0 + Mod – An exciting and thrilling arcade game “Rise Up” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlocked) separately
Tested by running offline

Rise Up – به سمت بالا is a beautiful and entertaining arcade game that, despite its simplicity, is one of the most popular Android games. The game was designed and developed by Serkan Özyılmaz, who is from Istanbul, Turkey, and it is available for free on Google Play. Since its release, the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play alone, which is a testament to its high quality, attractiveness, and entertainment value.

At the same time as the release of the new version of Rise Up, Usroid has prepared an exclusive modded version of the game for you to easily download from the site’s high-speed servers and install on your Android device. Rise Up is designed with a very simple idea that has resulted in a challenging game, but its simplicity is so great that you only need a few seconds to learn how to play it. However, this simplicity does not mean that the game is easy or low-level. Interestingly, the game’s creators say that they themselves have not been able to complete all 45 levels of the game because the final levels are so difficult and challenging that not everyone can easily complete them.


Rise Up


In the game Rise Up, you are tasked with protecting a balloon. The balloon moves upward and does not change direction. However, objects come from above and sometimes from the sides towards the balloon. If they collide with the balloon, you will lose. So, what should you do to protect the balloon? With the help of a specific sign displayed on the screen, you must hit the objects before they get close to the balloon and knock them aside. This part of the game is designed to be dynamic and principled, and the feedback of hitting objects is consistent with the direction and pressure applied. But be careful, as the speed of the objects increases and their amount also increases in higher levels. In this case, you need to have faster reflexes. Rise Up is truly one of the most challenging and competitive arcade games, with the main criterion being to achieve a better record. Remember that this game is not like stage games, and every time you lose, your record is saved, and you have to start the game again from the beginning. Rise Up is designed very simply in terms of graphics, but its 2D modeling has no effect on its entertaining gameplay. With the points you earn, you can buy different skins for the balloon or your protector. Do you think you can endure in this game? If you are a professional player, do not miss this exciting game and download its latest version along with a modded version from Usroid right now.