Robot Warfare: Mech battle v0.4.0 + Mod – Action Robotics Action and Graphics Game: Android Mechanical Battle with Data + Trailer
Original Version + Mod Edition (Unlimited Equipment) Separately
Tested Online

Robot Warfare: Mech battle is an action and science-fiction game with the theme of future wars, produced by the Azur Interactive Games Limited studio in Cyprus and released for free on Google Play for the Android operating system. This game is a perfect example of old titles, especially the popular War Robots gameMade and paid for. The similarity between Robot Warfare: Mech battle and War Robots is so great that you may not be able to tell the difference between the two games at first glance. This game is actually an online and multiplayer war and action game whose competitions are held 6 to 6. In this game, you have a large garage where you have to start building, editing and upgrading combat robots and their weapons to have a chance to win the upcoming battles. Robot Warfare has designed a large number of robots of various types that can be purchased and updated with more points and money. Also, in this game, there are a large number of weapons in various categories, and choosing the right ones and using them correctly will double your chances of success. In Robot Warfare: Mech battle There is a section called “Robot Test”; In this section, depending on your chances and points, premium robots will be given to you, so you can make the most of them and their unique capabilities in your battles. Another combat tool in Robot Warfare that can change the course of battle in your favor is drones. Apart from these issues, the graphics and their designs and effects in this game are eye-catching! High detail and great design precision make this game a console graphics game. Explosions, destructibility and other visual effects are undoubtedly the turning point of this game. The soundtracks and sound effects are also well implemented. Regarding the gameplay, it should be said that its view can be adjusted in the first two modes of person and third person.

Some features of the action game Robot Warfare: Mech battle Android:

  • Unique designs and HD graphics
  • Professional and action gameplay with a lot of fights
  • Unique design of video and audio effects
  • Ability to purchase and use more than 25 types of combat robots
  • There are more than 20 types of light and heavy weapons
  • Ability to upgrade, personalize and increase the efficiency of robots and weapons
  • Ability to use Drones or military drones in wars
  • Online competitions 6 to 6
  • Ability to purchase and unlock 10 robots and use them simultaneously in battles

If you want to download a fun, action and competitive game and enjoy war games, don’t miss Robot Warfare: Mech battle . Excellent graphics, professional gameplay and various capabilities and items are the best strengths of this beautiful game. Robot Warfare has had nearly 1 million downloads on Google Play in less than a few days; The game also received a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 from users. In the following, you can download the full version of the game + data and its mode from Usroid .

Changes to version v0.4.0:

* Added workshop section to the game and the ability to build new robots and weapons by combining different sections
* Add the ability to purchase robots for multiple times
* Add Flamethrower weapons for light weapons slots
* Change the firing range of Flamethrower weapons up to 75 meters
* Changing the firing range of sniper rifles to 1100 meters
* Adding new visual effects in maximum graphics mode
* Adding the ability to see the amount of health (HP) enemies in the game settings
* Improving game optimizations
Fixing a number of bugs Play


Robot Warfare Mech battle



Instructions for installing and running the game:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the ru.azurinteractive.robotwarfare folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal memory.

– Run the game.