Smart iOS Style widgets v9.0 – iOS 14 widget simulator app for Android
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Smart iOS Style widgetsTitle is an emulator of iOS 14 widgets developed by RajArya and published on Google Play. Different operating systems around the world provide a variety of features to users of smart devices. However, some of them, due to their extraordinary features, attract a lot of attention and increase their facilities and abilities day by day. Undoubtedly, Android is one of the operating systems that has been able to attract millions of people in a very short period of time. So far, there are several reasons for the growth of Android; One of the reasons for this is the maneuver of this operating system on personalization features! A special feature that is not well covered in Windows or iOS. In the Android operating system, in addition to settings, you can also customize the user interface at very high levels. This personalization is itself divided into several parts. Among the elements that directly affect the personalization of the user interface are icons, wallpapers, screen animations and widgets. Widgets can be seen not only on other operating systems but also on Android. Unfortunately, there are only a few developers involved in creating widgets, however we have tried so far to be the best Persian language Android website.Provide widgets for you dear ones. Smart iOS Style widgets is one of the best widgets with which you can simulate the latest version of iOS widgets in the Android environment. More than 45 unique widgets are included in this package, and each of these widgets meets the needs of your loved ones in a special way. The development team has tried to use the best colors and designs in the available widgets. Unlike many other similar tools, this software is updated weekly to provide new widgets with more beautiful designs.

Some features and capabilities of Smart iOS Style widgets Android app:

  • Access to a variety of widgets
  • Great simulation, just like ios widgets
  • Address needs such as viewing weather information, writing notes, and more
  • Utilize the best colors and designs in the widget display
  • Weekly updates to access the latest widgets

The Smart iOS Style widgets app, with its special features and capabilities in the field of widgets, has been published by its developer on Google Play for $ 1.49 and has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users. Get the most purchased version of it without any restrictions from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


Smart iOS Style widgets