Tap Titans 2 v5.25.2 + Mod – Role-playing game – Click to hunt giants 2 Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Tap Titans 2 – Hunting Giants is a popular, interesting and entertaining game in the style of action games, role-playing and clicking from Game Hive Corporation Studio for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play and has been downloaded millions of times by Android users. It has been received all over the world and at your request, dear ones, we have decided to introduce the latest version of it along with your presence mode and bring it to your ecstasy once again! In Tap Titans 2, the swordsman master stands against a huge and more dangerous wave of attacking giants and defends the world! The power of the giants has increased, but the master swordsman can also use new methods to increase his power and destroy them with more power! In Tap Titans 2, you play the role of a swordsman; It’s time to pick up your sword and get ready for a new battle! It is possible to face 120 giants in 10 extremely beautiful and diverse environments in the game, and it is also possible to use heroes and helper animals to repel the giants! If you are looking for an interesting and fun game to fill your free time, Tap Titans 2 will definitely attract your attention.


Tap Titans 2 Android Games


Tap Titans 2 game currently has a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store. You could get it with one click from the Usroids high-speed servers. Features of Tap Titans 2 include encounters with hundreds of powerful giants; Ability to use heroes and animals to help repel giants; Ability to unlock any of the special abilities of the swordsman to your liking; Ability to purchase powerful antiques as well as new features; Ability to change the appearance of the swordsman to your liking; Ability to upgrade the swordsman master by buying new equipment and weapons for him; The possibility of forming a group (Cologne) or joining another group, group battle with other users against the most powerful giants and their defeat; He mentioned the possibility of fighting other users from all over the world online in the form of world tournaments and winning valuable prizes, and in general, his extraordinary construction. Join us to download the game for free.