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That Level Again 3 v1.11 Full – Fantastic and unique game “Again the same stage 3” Android
A very engaging puzzle and brain teaser with elaborate design!
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That Level Again 3, the third version of the fantastic and unique game, is still the same stage in the style of puzzle games from IamTagir game development studio for Android , which we saw a few hours ago in the Play Store, and as always, we decided to be in Iran for the first time.Introduce it to all users who love special games! That Level Again 3 game has a very simple structure but very complex gameplay! At each stage of the game, you enter that stage through an entrance door and are placed in an environment similar to a room; A room that is surrounded by a number of razor-like obstacles and it goes without saying that by hitting these razors, you will lose your life! However, death is not the end of the pigeon (!) And so at the moment of disabling, you will appear again at the threshold of the entrance of the mentioned stage, while your body remains in the same place of death. Is! The main goal of each stage is to cross these obstacles and reach the exit of the room, and the general process is that you can open the exit of the room by pressing the big red button located right in the middle of that stage, and Enter the next step. But guess what will be waiting for you in the next stages of this game after passing each stage? Let me make it easy for you: the same room and the same obstacles with the same red so-called button and the same entrance and exit doors! Yes, you are absolutely right. In That Level Again, nothing changes after passing each stage and you return to your first place!


Download That Level Again 3 - fantastic puzzle game "Again the same stage 3" Android


However, what makes That Level Again 3 gameplay appealing and pristine is how to overcome the obstacles ahead and how to leave this repetitive room every time you enter it! Each time you enter this room, you will see text in the upper left corner of the image that acts as your guide for passing that stage. Your job is to decipher the text and find out how to get through it! For example, in some stages of this game, you must press that red button in a certain way to open the exit, or in some other stages in That Level Again 3, this release button does not play any important role. He is not responsible and you have to play your way to the next stage in other ways! In general, the steps in this game and how to decode them can be divided into two general categories; A group that can be passed through physics and a group that you have to solve sometimes complex puzzles to pass through, each of which can be solved in different ways! In fact, these methods are often very strange and complex, and you have to put a lot of pressure on your brain to find them. This challenge and struggle is undoubtedly one of the positive pointsThat Level Again 3 is considered and it makes you completely immersed in the world of this game and you can not get bored of it! In general, all the stages of this work (both those that are based on physics and the steps that are based on solving the puzzle) are very beautiful and interestingly designed, and in addition to the difficulty or ease of how to pass them, the artist’s nature of the creators Show this game to your audience!


Download That Level Again 3 - fantastic puzzle game "Again the same stage 3" Android


Let us assure you that you are facing a very engaging game ; A number of puzzles in That Level Again 3They are so creative that to solve them and go through the exit of the room, you have to solve them through the game menu or even by leaving this effect and manipulating the settings of your mobile phone or tablet! For example, in my test (Usroid manager) in advancing the story section of the game, I reached a point where I had to exit the game to advance and set the screen brightness percentage from the phone settings to 0%! In short, the two games That Level Again 3 are very impressive and entertaining works that can be found less like it; So if you have an Android phone, do not miss the game under any circumstances, and we suggest you start this game when you have enough time to spend with it, because That Level Again 3 has a very engaging and addictive gameplay. ! As mentioned at the beginning of the text of this game Usroid Introduces your presence for the first time in Iran and the full version is available for download.

Changes in version v1.11:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.