A small, masterful and unique game – special recommendation

That Level Again 3 v1.21 Full – An extraordinary and unique puzzle game “Same Level Again 3” for Android
A very engaging and thought-provoking puzzle game with masterful design!
Special offer from Usroid

That Level Again 3 is the third version of an incredible and unique puzzle game from the game development studio IamTagir for Android. We witnessed its release a few hours ago on the Play Store and, as always, we decided to introduce it to all game enthusiasts in Iran for the first time! The structure of That Level Again 3 is very simple, but its gameplay is very complicated! In each level of this game, you enter through an entrance door and find yourself in a room-like environment; a room that is surrounded by several blade-like obstacles, and it is obvious that colliding with these blades will cost you your life! However, death is not the end (!) and that is why, at the moment of your failure, you will appear again at the entrance door of that level, while your corpse remains in the same place! The main goal of each level is to pass these obstacles and reach the exit door of the room, and the overall process is such that by pressing the big red button located in the middle of that level, you can open the exit door and move on to the next level. But can you guess what awaits you in the next levels after passing each level? Let me make it easy for you: the same room and the same obstacles, along with the same red button and entrance and exit doors! Yes, you are seeing it correctly. In That Level Again game, nothing changes even after passing each level, and you return to your starting point again!


Download That Level Again 3 - fantastic puzzle game "Again the same stage 3" Android


However, what makes the gameplay of That Level Again 3 exciting and unique is the way of overcoming obstacles and leaving this repetitive room each time you enter it! Each time you enter this room, you will see a text in the upper left corner of the image that serves as your guide to pass that level. Your task is to decrypt the mentioned text and find a way to pass that level! For example, in some levels of this game, you must press the red button in a specific way to open the exit, while in some other levels in That Level Again 3, this release button has no important role, and you have to find another way to proceed to the next level of the game! In general, the levels in this game and their decryption methods can be divided into two main categories: those that can be passed through physics, and those that require solving complex puzzles that can be solved in various ways! In fact, these methods are often very strange and complicated, and you have to put pressure on your brain to find them. This challenge and perseverance undoubtedly count as one of the positive points of the game That Level Again 3 and makes you completely immersed in the world of this game and unable to get away from it! In general, all the levels of this work (whether based on physics or puzzle-solving) are beautifully and interestingly designed, and regardless of the difficulty or ease of passing them, they reveal the inherent artistry of the creators of this game to their audience!


Download That Level Again 3 - fantastic puzzle game "Again the same stage 3" Android


Let us put your mind at ease that you are facing a very engaging game; some of the puzzles in the game That Level Again 3 are so creative that you have to solve them and pass through the exit of the room by manipulating the game menu or even exiting this game and adjusting the settings of your mobile phone or tablet! For example, in my test (as the manager of Usroid), when I reached a point in the game’s story section where I had to move forward, I had to exit the game and set the screen brightness percentage to 0% from my phone settings! In conclusion, the two games That Level Again 3 are very influential and entertaining works that are hard to find their match; therefore, if you have an Android phone, do not miss the game under any circumstances, and we recommend that you start playing it when you have enough time to spend with it because That Level Again 3 has a highly engaging and addictive gameplay! As mentioned at the beginning of the text, Usroid introduces this game to you for the first time in Iran, and the full version of it is available for download.

* Various optimizations and problem-solving for the game.