World War Polygon: WW2 shooter v2.11 Mod – Android multiplayer action action game
Ordinary version of mod mode (unlimited ammunition) tested separately
with online playback

World War Polygon: WW2 shooter – Multilateral World War II: World War II shooter is the title of a very beautiful and attractive action game in the style of action games with special and unique graphics by Alda Games studio, the creator of games such as The Walking Zombie series The walking zombie: Dead city and The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter. The game is available for free for Android devices and is still being developed. The word Polygon, which means polygon in the name of World War Polygon: WW2 shooter, refers to the special and unique graphics of this game, which are designed in the type of Polygon 3D Graphics. In these designs, the characters, the environment, and everything you see in the game are designed to be polygonal. At first glance, this type of design may not be very relevant, but this type of design greatly improves the performance of the game and its optimization. Other than that, in such games, you experience a three-dimensional and smooth game in the smoothest possible state. World War Polygon: WW2 shooter is a good example of this design model in the style of first-person shooter or FPS games, and its attractive graphics are one of its main strengths. In this game, as its name suggests, you will be sent to fight Nazi Germany in the role of an American soldier during World War II. In this game, you are selected as a hero to perform various missions. Now, as the main character of the game in a first-person game, you have to take up arms and carry out various missions. The game has two main sections, stage and multiplayer (online). In the step-by-step section, you should follow the steps and single-player missions of the game and follow the story of World War II. In this section, a lot of attention has been paid to the real events and operations of World War II, such as the great D-Day battle on the Normandy coast in France or the bloody Battle of Bulge battle in Ardennes, Belgium. Experience the game’s game format. In addition to this American soldier, you have served as a Soviet Red Army soldier and must take part in operations and battles in Eastern Europe, including the Battle of Stalingrad. In the online part of the game World War Polygon: WW2 shooter, you can also compete in 4 to 4 competitions and in the Deathmatch type of games with other online players.

Some features of World War Polygon: WW2 shooter for Android:

  • Interesting graphics with 3D designs in Polygon Graphics style
  • Very entertaining and action-packed gameplay in the first person shooter role
  • Participate in the bloody and epic battles of World War II
  • Playing the role of an American soldier or a Russian soldier
  • Different missions and trips to different cities in Europe
  • It has a single and offline campaing section
  • It has an online multiplayer competition section and a choice between Allied and Allied teams
  • It has suitable controllers with the possibility of personalizing them
  • There are cut scenes and animated videos between the steps
  • Ability to use a variety of weapons in different classes such as machine guns , shotguns, sniper rifles and RPGs
  • There are all kinds of military equipment such as grenades, armor, hats and so on
  • Ability to upgrade game characters or weapons
  • It has online leaderboards and the ability to compete for more points
  • It has a separate and challenging score section (daily missions) and is opposed to Nazi zombie attacks.

World War Polygon: WW2 shooter is a very beautiful and action game that can provide you with a great experience of first-person shooter action games without taking up much space from your Android mobile or tablet resources. The game has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on Google Play to date. Right now, you can download the latest update of this fascinating game in two normal and modified versions (unlimited ammunition and equipment) for free and tested from Usroid, and enjoy a fun and action game to the fullest.

Note: The game has less than 100 MB of data that is received in the initial run.


World War Polygon: WW2 shooter