9th Dawn III RPG v1.60 – “Ninth Dawn: Part Three” Role-Playing Game for Android
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9th Dawn III RPG – Part Three is the third game in the 9th Dawn franchise, which, like other games in this series, has been released as a paid game for various platforms. This game was first released in October 2020 by the British Valoware studio for the PC platform, and then the mobile version was also released for $9.99 for Android and iOS operating systems. This game is publicly available on Google Play, but at your request, Farasroid has purchased the paid version of the game and made it available for free download. We had also previously published Part Two of this game, 9th Dawn II RPG, which you can go to by clicking on the game name and also get the purchased version for free. 9th Dawn III RPG was made following the good success of the previous part and this time it is made with more sections, new features, diverse features, and a more extensive gameplay to once again excite fans of this game. So if you are also a fan of this series or a fan of this genre of games, join Farasroid in introducing this beautiful game.


9th Dawn III RPG


The game 9th Dawn III RPG has been released in the category of role-playing games, but various elements of other genres can also be seen in this game. The main nature of the game is like dozens of other similar games in the Dungeon Crawler and Roguelike genre. The game, titled 9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil, has been released and tells the story of a mysterious and strange land called Cedaltia. As one of the royal guard forces, you are tasked with investigating rumors that have spread to an area of this land. According to these rumors, strange demonic creatures have been seen near Elmson Lake. You have been chosen to deal with this issue and now you must embark on the most dangerous adventure possible! In this mission, you realize that these rumors are true and Satan is preparing to destroy human lands by building a secret army. So, you get to work and go to battle with them. The places you need to go in the game 9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil are different, but a significant part of the game follows the black holes that lead from the main enemy headquarters. The game is in the role-playing style and from a top-down perspective. Although the game designs are completely two-dimensional and pixelated, its gameplay is smooth and very exciting. There are many hits and destructions and many action scenes have been designed. Some parts of the game depend on your strategic tactics to manage the game’s hero character and achieve the best possible result. You can download this entertaining and exciting title in a purchased form by visiting Usroid Download Box. It is worth mentioning that 9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil has attracted the attention of its audience by achieving a very high score of 4.8 out of 5.0.