Agony v1.0 – A very entertaining arcade-action game “Hellcopter” for Android
Purchased and Full version of the game for $0.99
Tested with offline execution

Agony – عذاب is the title of a well-made and interesting adventure game from the Russian studio KishMish Games. It is available in two versions, free (Demo) and paid (Full) for $1, and is available on Google Play for Android users worldwide. At your request, Usroid has prepared, reviewed, and provided the paid version of the game exclusively for you, for the first time among all Iranian websites. Agony is a completely dialogue-driven and visually novel (Visual Novel) game. This genre of games has become popular in recent years and has found a special place among adventure game fans. The main reason for this popularity is that this genre of games is more adventurous and story-driven than any other genre, and this makes fans of artistic, especially crime, mysterious, and scary stories enjoy these games. KishMish Games is one of the creative developers in this field, who has taken a significant step by creating and publishing two games in this field. The studio’s previous game was called Sixtieth Kilometer, which was released in 2016.




After the success of the game Sixtieth Kilometer, the game Agony was developed with minor improvements in the story and dialogues, becoming another exciting game in this field. Unlike many other similar titles that have a lot of visual effects and even 3D modeling and design, its graphic content is very simple and cartoonish, emphasizing that the main focus is on the dialogue section. However, this does not mean that Agony has nothing to offer in this regard! The excellent background images, various characters, and most importantly, the impressive and influential soundtrack are among the other advantages and features of this artistic work. The exciting story of the game is about a young couple who are attacked by several thieves when they go out for a simple walk and manage to escape after a little chase. After a while, they find an underground tunnel to lose the thieves and enter it. Just a few moments after they finally get rid of the thieves, they realize that they are not in a tunnel or sewer, but in a large underground catacomb ruled by silence and darkness. They cannot find a way out of where they have entered except by passing through the long and terrifying corridors of this cursed place! Throughout the game, you will encounter various characters. Your main task is to choose the desired option from among the selectable dialogues. Note that your choices mean the main character’s decision in the game, and these decisions directly affect the storyline. To discover this exciting, thrilling, creative, and captivating story, you can now download the latest paid version of the Agony game for free from the download box section of Usroid on high-speed site servers.

  • This game has not been updated for a long time and therefore may not be installed and run correctly on Android devices higher than 11.
  • By default, the language of the game is set to Russian on the first entry. Simply click on the English option on the top left to change the game language to English.


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.kishmish.agonyfull folder to Android/obb internal memory.