Almighty: God Idle Clicker v3.0.5 + Mod – Simulation and interesting game “Build and manage the world” Android with a trailer of
the regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
tested with no problems

Almighty: God Idle Clicker – Creating and managing the world is a creative and interesting game in the style of fun games and Idle Clicker is one of the simulation games that is offered for free for the Android operating system. This game is a product of the Polish studio and the new FunVenture. It is noteworthy that this game, like many others in the past, for the first time in IranIntroduced and published by Usroid. This game is an interesting simulation from another point of view. Ever wanted to create a unique world for yourself? Ever wondered what would happen if you could build a great planet like a creator and lord? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to manage and monitor life in this special world? What are the challenges along the way? This thought has been associated in the minds of many of us that we can control the whole world like God Almighty for a short time and become the main ruler of this world so that we are its creator and creator! The answers to these questions are given in the form of a simple and fun game called Almighty: God Idle Clicker! In this game, you can create a new world in the role of a lord and make life flow in its place! This genre of games like The Sandbox EvolutionOr WorldBox, which has been considered by some developers for some time, and now we are witnessing the release of another Idle Clicker game in this genre from an unnamed studio, which, of course, must be said to be a good game. Is!


Almighty: God Idle Clicker


In Almighty: God Idle ClickerFrom the beginning of the creation of the universe, you are supposed to build the world and develop and manage it in the role of God! In fact, this game is a simulation modeled on our current world, but in it you are supposed to have a special and new world with your own tastes. The story begins with something just like the Big Bang in our world, and then the planets gradually begin to form. Now your work has begun and you have to create life on different planets by creating life on them. You are able to create different species of animals in this world and witness their growth and increase in population. On the other hand, you have to help spread human civilization through different centuries and millennia and accompany humans from Paleolithic to modern times. Your main task is to grow and evolve this world by developing its various parts. To do this, just like hobby games and Idol Clicker, you have to launch various items and buy special items with the points obtained. This game has more content than a simple Idle Clicker game, which makes it a positive difference. Almighty: God Idle Clicker has met with interest from audiences around the world and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times so far, as well as the votes of more than 30,000 users.It also scored 4.4 out of 5.0 . If you want to try this fun and interesting game, you can get the regular version of it right now, along with the modded version with unlimited money capability, tested from Usroid .

Changes in version v3.0.5:

* Added Soul Of The God Stone section
* Improved game mechanics
* Added the ability to combine and build new items such as precious stones and powders
* Daily rewards
* Improve and increase rewards for VIP members
* Fixed several minor bugs
* Improved anti-cheat system
* New special offers