Amnesia – Room Escape Games v1.4 + Mod – Adventure and Puzzle Game “Amnesia” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with lots of hints) separately
Tested and run offline

Amnesia – Room Escape Games – فراموشی: بازی اتاق فرار is another game created by the creative studio Escape Adventure Games from Russia, which has been released as a paid game with in-app purchases and is available to Android players. As always, we have purchased and introduced this exciting game to you, dear ones, for the first time among all Iranian websites. This studio has previously become one of the most active gaming companies in the room escape games genre by creating games like Scary Horror Escape. Amnesia – Room Escape Games is another one of nearly 15 similar games in this genre by continuing this exciting trend. If you are a fan of adventure and puzzle games and are interested in story-driven and mysterious games, Amnesia – Room Escape Games is a very good choice for you. So stay with us to take a look at the general features of this game and its mysterious and puzzling story to become more familiar with this title. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the original version, we have also prepared an exclusive modded version.


Amnesia - Room Escape Games


The game Amnesia – Room Escape Games tells the story of a victim who is kidnapped by an unknown group and taken to an unknown location where special experiments are carried out on them. A significant part of these experiments involves brainwashing. By doing this, all the memories of the main character of the game, the victim of this story, are erased. That’s not all, and the worst part is that after conducting their experiments on this person, the individuals inject them with a special virus that gives them 24 hours to live before causing their death. Now, you play the role of this character who is in immediate danger and needs help to save their life, with no memory whatsoever. Fortunately, before these disasters struck, they had left clues in various parts of a mansion that seems to be their home, and these clues will guide you. The game starts in front of the mansion’s door, and you must find a way to enter the house. In a letter written by the main character themselves before being kidnapped, there is an antidote for the virus, which is located somewhere in this mansion. Now, by solving the puzzles and following the storyline, you must try to find this antidote before it’s too late and save your own life! The game Amnesia – Room Escape Games is a Point and Click game with a combination of Hidden Objects and puzzle elements that can keep you entertained for a long time with its interesting story and varied puzzles. To get the latest version of this game, which has been tested, you can use the direct links on Usroid.