BooleanTT – Many things with Boolean Algebra v1.8.7 – Complete Boolean algebra application for Android,
premium version and full application for the first time in Iran

The comprehensiveness and power of mathematical formulations is Boolean algebra! This algebra provides useful and simple methods for analyzing logic, digital, and hybrid circuits. As you know, sometimes algebraic questions are very difficult and even if you have complete knowledge, solving them is very time consuming. There are a variety of software on different operating systems that help their users solve these questions; But if you look at their list, many of them do not dominate the branches of mathematical sciences and only solve some equations or problems. As can be seen from the initial explanation, Boolean algebra, which is a subset of algebra, has a direct impact on our lives and human production! If you are also a student of mathematics or other engineering disciplines, you may encounter Boolean algebra questions during your studies.BooleanTT – Many things with Boolean AlgebraThe title is a complete Boolean algebra application developed by Hashan Chamara Rajapaksha and published on Google Play. All options and features in this software are divided into two different parts; The first part that helps to solve your questions and the second part that allows you to get fully acquainted with Boolean algebra. In a way, the first part can be considered one of the most popular in a way that allows you to answer your questions in a short time. Solve the Carnot map or simplify or minimize the expressions. The existing logic circuit simulator will help you create your circuits and get an overview of them. Unfortunately, due to the specialization of this program, we can not deal with other parts of it, but it must be said that the above startup is the most complete way to solve Boolean algebra questions, which is offered for the first time on the Usroid website.

Some features and capabilities of BooleanTT app – Many things with Boolean Algebra Android:

  • Simplify or minimize phrases
  • Solve Carnot maps
  • Simulation of different logic circuits
  • Calculator of binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numbers
  • Generate real tables
  • Dedicated keyboard for easy selection of Boolean expressions
  • Content for familiarity and learning basic Boolean algebra
  • A history of all calculations performed
  • Production of SOP and POS

BooleanTT application – Many things with Boolean Algebra with its special features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 5.99 and has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, which can now be new. Get the most premium version of it from Usroid website .


BooleanTT - Many things with Boolean Algebra