Bunker: Escape Room v1.1.11 + Mod – Adventure game-scary puzzle “Escape from the shelter” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (all levels are open) individually
tested with offline execution

Bunker: Escape Room – The full-fledged Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure Game released on Google Play is a scary and enigmatic adventure game that is available for free with in-app payments by Escape Room Studios. Games: ERG has been released for Android devices. Usroid as the first Iranian website On the web, it has introduced and released this game for fans of adventure games with a scary and mysterious theme. This game is made by adapting from famous games that were previously introduced in the same genre. Considering the general features of this game in terms of gameplay, story and graphic design, it should be said that this game can not be considered a unique and completely different title, but in any case can not be interesting and fun features of the game Ignored. This game, like dozens and maybe hundreds of similar games, tells the story of a horrible and unfortunate event for a victim.


Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure Game


بازی Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure GameThere is no exception to this rule and in it you follow a scary story. You are in the role of a man who is driving his car outside the city and on one of the roads outside the city, when he suddenly crashes into another vehicle and loses consciousness. But instead of being taken to a hospital, when he regains consciousness, he finds himself on a rusty old bed in a strange, dark place. Where it is actually an abandoned underground shelter. You do not remember anything in the role of this man and you do not know why you were brought to this place, but what is obvious is that nothing good is happening in this place! You have to do your best to escape from this scary place. With a little research and sightseeing in this place, you will realize that in this place, other people like you were victims who failed to save themselves, and if you are not able to get out of this catastrophe, you will go to another one. You become victims. It seems that you are not alone in this hellish refuge, and that there is another person who is probably the one who brought you here. Of course, you should not deal with him because you will probably finish your job much sooner than you expect. Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure Game Like all similar games is a puzzle game and you can find the way out only by finding clues, items and essentials that can be obtained by solving puzzles. So you need to focus on solving these puzzles and use whatever you find useful. Bunker game: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure Game with its three-dimensional designs and first-person gameplay can have its own special charms for fans of this type of game. To download the latest version of this game, you can go to the download box right nowGo to Usroid and download it for free and tested.