Cache Cleaner Smart v4.0 – Smart app for removing cache Android,
purchased and complete version for $ 5.99

Extra files left over from applications are one of the main reasons for many software problems on Android smart devices. Smartphone users can manually identify and delete these files, but their high number is always a major obstacle to finding all these types of files. For this reason, to increase the removal speed, Android developers have introduced various startups in this field. Smart Cache CleanerIs a smart Android cache removal application developed by SKVCHAT LLC and published on Google Play. Using professional coding, this software allows you to identify any file junk in just a few seconds and delete them with a single touch. In addition to deleting additional files, several other features are included in the above program, among which we can stop the background apps to free RAM. If you think your device consumes more battery power than usual, you can optimize this by touching an option.

Some features and capabilities of Android Cache Cleaner Smart app:

  • Quick and intelligent identification of Android files
  • Delete all junk files with just one touch
  • Option to stop background processing and free up RAM
  • CPU cooling and speeds up command execution
  • Battery booster and energy saving
  • Protect your smartphone when connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks
  • Professional game booster without any complicated options

Cache Cleaner Smart application with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been published by its developer at a price of $ 5.99 on Google Play, and now you can download the latest version without any restrictions from the popular Farsood website. Receive. This program has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.

Changes in version v4.0:

* No changes have been mentioned in Google Play for this version of the program.


Cache Cleaner Smart