Update May 25th: Mod game version has been updated to the latest version 🙂

Dark Prison v1.3.10 + Mod – Exciting and Thrilling Action Game “Black Prison” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Infinite Blood) Separately
Tested with Online Execution

Dark Prison – زندان سیاه is the title of a very exciting and well-made action role-playing game from the Hong Kong-based studio, Latersoft. It has been released as the company’s first official game on Google Play for free. As the first website among all Iranian sites, Usroid has taken the initiative to prepare, review, and publish the latest official update of this game for action game enthusiasts like you. According to the game’s story, its events are related to a major viral incident. An incident that has dragged the whole world towards destruction and turned most humans into zombies and deadly monsters. The game’s storyline is narrated by imitating and adapting the story of the famous game, The Last of Us. You play the role of a man whose daughter has been kidnapped by a group of mercenaries because she is immune to the virus, and taken to a dangerous and prison-like area called Dark Prison to undergo various experiments on her body and make an illegal antivirus from her body to benefit the profiteers. But this man decides to go to this place to save his daughter and do whatever it takes to rescue her from these monsters. However, you are not alone on this journey and adventure. There are also many other friends and characters in Dark Prison: PVP Survival Action Game who will help you on this mission.


Dark Prison: PVP Survival Action Game


In the game Dark Prison: PVP Survival Action Game, there is another extensive online section that is not specifically related to the story and is simply a section for battles and earning points for users. In this section, you can choose your desired character from the available heroes and perform various missions, or compete with other players online. You can use a wide range of weapons and abilities. The gameplay style and context of the game is similar to Open World role-playing games. The game view is in third person and you can navigate the game character around and participate in professional battles. From cold weapons to various guns and equipment, there are various weapons in this game that you can use against your opponents. It should also be noted that in the Dark Prison: PVP Survival Action Game, there are bosses and dangerous enemies in the mission section that will pose a special challenge for you. In terms of graphics, it should be said that the game has been designed with very good details and its 3D modeling and high graphics are similar to console games. If you want to experience an action-packed, role-playing adventure, Dark Prison: PVP Survival Action Game is a very good choice for you. You can now download this game in both regular and modified versions along with its data file from Usroid.

* Various optimizations and problem solving in the game

Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.latersoft.darkprison folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.