Drift Challenge v65 + Mod – Car and Stunt Game “Drift Challenge” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline execution

Drift Challenge – چالش دریفت is the second game from Crimson Development studio in the genre of skill-based racing games, which has been released as a completely free game with in-app purchases for Android devices and is available to users worldwide. As always, this time we decided to introduce and offer you another game for the first time among all Iranian websites, and present its latest official version along with an exclusive mod version. Drift Challenge is a purely skill-based title with no racing, speed, or crashes involved. The game has a simple and even outdated appearance, but until you experience its gameplay, you won’t realize its main feature, which is its extraordinary physics and smooth designs. In fact, this game is a skill-based and challenging title that is intended to test your drifting skills. Therefore, it should be noted that you should not be fooled by the simple and cartoonish appearance of this game, as its difficult and challenging gameplay will completely change your perception of it.


Drift Challenge


Although Drift Challenge does not have a very unique and innovative nature, it has a very admirable structure. The game developers have tried to combine a simple and skillful game with a high level of difficulty, and the result is a very attractive game. In Drift Challenge, you have to earn points by drifting in different maps and at specific times. The incredible and natural physics of the game makes it so that if you spin too much, just like in reality, you lose control of the car. You can use the brake for normal drifts and use manual for heavy drifts. All of these are embedded as virtual buttons on the screen. The game view is from above so that you have a broad view of the environment. This view can be adjusted in two modes, far and slightly closer. Also, from the settings section, you can change the level of graphics and its details in three different modes. The game has multiple maps that become progressively harder and more challenging. Considering all the features of this game, it can be said that the name Drift Challenge is a very good choice for this game. This beautiful and entertaining title, with its good designs and realistic gameplay, can keep you entertained for a long time. Also, due to the many graphic optimizations that have been made on this game, the final size of the game is much smaller than similar games, which is another positive feature of this title. You can download Drift Challenge for free in regular or modded version from the download box section on Usroid.