Dwarf Journey v1.01b + Mod – Adventure and fun action game “Hero Dwarf Journey” for Android
Purchased version for $ 2.99 + Mod version (many resources) individually
tested with offline run

Dwarf Journey – The Hero Dwarf Journey is an entertaining and interesting game in the style of Adventure (Adventure), which has been released in the form of a paid game for $ 2.99 by the Brazilian studio Orube Game Studio on Google Play. Farsroid proudly announces that as soon as this game is released and after the necessary checks, we have prepared the final and paid version of the game in the form purchased and provided it for free download. It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the regular purchased version, we also prepare a modded version of this game and offer it exclusively at your service, dear ones. To experience this game without paying any amount, you can download any version you like for free and tested from Farsroid and enjoy a premium and interesting arithmetic game. Dwarf Journey is actually the first Orube Game Studio project to be released for a fee, so it must be said that this game is probably the most important project of this developer so far. The Hero Dwarf Journey is a minimalist adventure-style title that features numerous elements of action, arcade, and especially the classic platformer style.


Dwarf Journey


Game Dwarf JourneyWith its retro and pixel designs, it can win the heart of any player who is interested in this type of game, and besides providing a smooth and lovely gameplay with the ability to run 60 frames per second, a great experience of a game. Arcade provides you to admire this developer for its good and professional combination of classic and nostalgic retro style with smooth gameplay and modern dynamics. The story of the game is about a dwarf in the ancient world called Gallar who makes a big decision for a different and special experience. Historical writings indicate the existence of a sacred and ancient object in the depths of a large cave that anyone who can get it will have eternal life. This cave is located in a land called the Valley of Eternity and is a very dangerous place because there are monsters and deadly creatures inside. Our protagonist, Gallar, prepares himself for a perilous journey to the northern mountains and where the Valley of Eternity lies. You have to go on this journey in his role and do your best to reach the ancient object. The gameplay is designed so that each stage of it will be a chance at each run and the stages of the game will never be repetitive and predictable. You have to destroy all the enemies during the game to be able to go to the next parts of this cave. In each stage, there are different enemies and different points. By collecting these items, which include items such as copper, silver and gold, you will be able to upgrade your strength and defense from the store.Download Usroid .