EVE Echoes v1.9.125 – Futuristic RPG game of EVE universe for Android
Another highly extensive graphical game from NetEase Games
Tested with online gameplay

EVE Echoes – The Echoes of EVE is a very exciting and professional game in the genre of role-playing games, made and released for free by the well-known and reputable studio NetEase Games. Although the overall game is free, it has in-app payment capabilities for purchasing items within the store. Usroid, after the release of the new version of this game and taking the necessary time to review it, now announces that it has provided this game for you dear ones to download for free as a tested version. EVE Echoes is actually the mobile version of the old game EVE Online, which was released by CCP Games in 2003 and was the first multiplayer online game. Now, NetEase, in collaboration with CCP Games and acquiring the mobile version of this game, has created and released a revised version of it for Android and iOS systems. The Echoes of EVE game is one of the most different games offered by NetEase Studio. In this game, you travel to a world of the future, where many events and adventures await you in the depths of the galaxy. The game’s creator claims that EVE Echoes is a space sandbox, and according to this claim, you are supposed to experience a vast and very large world in this game.


EVE Echoes


In the game EVE Echoes, you will play online in a large space world with other real players from all over the world. Your task is to expand your space empire and complete various missions for this purpose. One of the most important of these missions is interacting with other players, creating space alliances, and facing various threats that are challenging for you. These threats include space battles and efforts to confront different enemies. You can explore the galaxy with your large ship and collect important items and resources from planets or space routes. You can build, develop, and even use different parts in commercial interactions. Overall, it should be said that EVE Echoes is very dependent on player interactions, and you should try to have a lot of communication with other players, whether they are your friends or enemies, to enjoy the game. In terms of graphics, it should be noted that EVE Echoes, due to its large volume, is one of the most graphic and heavy Android games that will surely amaze you with its amazing graphic details and designs. The gameplay of the game follows in various sections, but in the main exploration sections, you can move your ship in space in 360 degrees and from a third-person perspective, but you must follow the rules in the game. The game’s store is very large, and through it, you can buy many things, including more than 100 different spaceships. This game is now available for download from the Usroid servers as a tested version. You can take a look at the game trailer video and screenshots to get more familiar with the game.

  1. The game EVE Echoes is completely online. To connect to the game servers, you must use anti-censorship programs.
  2. Aside from the OBB data, separate information is also obtained from within the game itself.
  3. No modified or hacked versions of this game have been or will be released.
  4. Due to its high graphics and relatively large size, we recommend running this game only on powerful devices.


Installation and implementation instructions for the game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.netease.eve.en folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of the device.