Faily Brakes v28.4 Mod – fun and different Android brake disabled trailers
regular version mode (unlocked) individually
tested by running offline

Faily Brakes is a new and very beautiful game in the style of arcade games and car rides from Spunge Games Pty studio, this time with a special story and style for Android devices. It is available for free in the big Google market and we are going to introduce it at the request of users! In Faily Brakes, you play the role of an unlucky driver who, at a dangerous turn, realizes that the brakes of his car are broken and he is forced to deviate from the road and fall into the valley! From now on, you will be in control of this driver, and you must prevent the car from colliding with the right or left side of the road by preventing it from colliding with the various obstacles that stand in its way! The more you can keep this unlucky driver alive and the longer you drive, the more points you will earn! Of course, the road ahead is not always against you, and along the way, it will often give you coins that you can collect to release new and more beautiful cars! The cheerful and cartoon graphics of the game have also caused the children to pay high attention to this game and enjoy doing it!


Download Faily Brakes - Excellent Android Arc Brake Disabled


The soundtrack of  Faily Brakes has been done in a very professional and attractive way, and it has also increased the humor of the game! The sound of accidents and collisions in the game is very natural and attractive and tempts users to play the game out loud! Another interesting thing about Faily Brakes is the ability to share the moment of the crash and defeat in the game; When you encounter an obstacle and the game is over, the 360-degree image of your crash and outburst will be recorded, which you can share as a joke with your friends! The game has been released with a size of 50 MB for Android and currently has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google Play. It has been welcomed by users all over the world and its features include car rides in a variety of disruptive locations, a variety of cars to buy, collect coins for upgrades and more! Now, the regular version and the mod of this game have been placed separately for download, which you can download with one click from Usroid high-speed servers .