Family Island v2024128.0.43425 – Android Entertainment and Management Game “Family Island”
A well-made and fantastic game with attractive designs and over 1 million downloads.
Tested with online execution.

Family Island – The Family Island is a very simple and well-made game in the category of fun and quirky management games, which is produced and released for free by the reputable Melsoft Games studio, which has previously produced popular management games such as My Cafe: Recipes & Stories and Toy Defense Fantasy. We have also decided to provide the latest official update of the Family Island – Farm game adventure for free download at your request. This game has been released for free on Google Play, but like many other Android games, it is not available to Iranian users in normal mode. Therefore, you can safely download the latest version of it from this article on the Usroid website. In the Family Island game, you play as members of a family of primitive humans from the Stone Age who live on a beautiful, lush, and remote island. This family includes a father, a mother, and two sons and daughters. Each of these family members has special abilities, and you help them work together. After leaving their small town destroyed by a volcano, this family has come to this island to embark on a new adventure and build their new home in a completely different place. Throughout the Family Island – Farm game adventure, you are tasked with helping this family turn this island into an ideal living place and build a small town by expanding and developing its sections. Your second task is to search for survivors and friends of this family who have disappeared in the recent volcano eruption. You must find them and bring them to your new home.


Family Island™ - Farm game adventure


In the game Family Island – Farm game adventure, which is made in the genre of strategic and managerial titles, you can follow the game in third-person view. The overall game is about creating interaction with various items. You do not have direct control over the game characters and only need to manage various parts. For example, to obtain and collect wood from trees, you need to hit the trees and select the desired option so that the family father, who is the strongest character in the game, can cut down the tree with his axe and turn it into wood. Or you can prepare and cook food through the family mother. In this game, you can go to many parts of this island that are locked and hidden in normal mode. But many secrets and mysteries are hidden in this beautiful island that have placed the game’s stories and adventures in themselves. Family Island – Farm game adventure with its 3D designs and fantasy graphics will not only be attractive to adults but also to younger people. Everything in the family island game is colorful and vibrant. There are many missions and tasks in this game, the most important of which are taught to you in the tutorial section in the first run. This entertaining and engaging game with more than 10 million downloads and a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 is now available for download from the servers of Usroid as a tested version. Note that the online nature of this game does not mean that it is multiplayer, and this is only done to prevent the performance of modded versions and provide internal updates.

The game is completely online and cannot be hacked [does not have mods]
To run the game correctly, you must change your IP address
If the game progress was not saved on your Google Play Games account, you can easily save your progress on your own account with the help of your Facebook account and retrieve your save on new devices. To do this, log in to the game with your Facebook account from the settings section on your first run.