Food Fighter Clicker v1.16.3 + Mod – an entertaining and unique “food warrior” clicker game for Android
Regular version + mod version (infinite diamonds) separately available
Tested by running online

Food Fighter Clicker – Food Warrior is a special and creative clicker and management game in the simulation game genre, developed by fffungame studio in South Korea and available for free to Android users worldwide. Although the game is completely free, it has in-app purchases. For the first time among all Iranian websites, Usroid introduces you to another entertaining clicker game, tested and available for download in both regular and modded versions. With features of clicker titles, this game is practically a simulation game. The main idea of the game is innovative, funny, and entertaining. However, it should be noted that while the idea of the game can be educational, it may also have negative effects on teaching children. Therefore, keep in mind that Food Fighter Clicker is simply a challenging and tricky game with a slightly different approach than similar games in this genre.


Food Fighter Clicker


In Food Fighter Clicker, you play as a young boy who is not a food lover, but rather a normal person who has a special interest in setting special records and challenging himself in the field of eating. He wants to swallow all kinds of foods from dishes to desserts, fruits, and more in an extraordinary and short amount of time to overcome a tough challenge. However, managing such a thing will not be easy, and it is you who must do this management and help him achieve his goal. If you eat too much without strategy and without paying attention to warnings, the game character will become bad and surrender. But if you increase his abilities to eat more food, he has the potential to set better records. Food Fighter Clicker follows stage challenges. For example, at the beginning of each stage, your first challenge is to eat 10 pieces of food, fruit, or dessert. You need to add this ability to the game character with the resources, money, and points you have and upgrade various features in the form of a clicker game. Although the game’s appearance is very outdated and even funny, it is interesting to know that the game’s challenges can be quite difficult. So it’s better not to be fooled by the simple appearance and cartoon graphics of the game. Food Fighter Clicker is an entertaining game for leisure time, but at the same time, it can be an option to challenge your management and strategic skills. To experience this different game, you can download it from the download box on Usroid.

Note: If you choose the mode to receive infinite diamonds in the game, click on the button located at the top-left of the menu.