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Traveling is one of the most popular pastimes that almost all of us are interested in and follow to the best of our ability. Traveling increases experience, learning new things, getting to know different cultures, experiencing different climates, and getting to know new people. The benefits of traveling are enormous, and in addition to being fun, they also become a personal investment. Many of our trips are domestic trips, but foreign trips also have their fans. Traveling to a new country with strange and culturally unfamiliar people, despite its many attractions, can be difficult. One of the main problems in foreign travel is not knowing the language of the destination countries. Language is our main means of communication, and if we cannot communicate with the people of the country we are traveling to, we cannot meet our needs and learn about that country and the culture of its people.Forvo Travel The title of an app for accessing millions of pronunciations is one of the essentials for traveling in different languages, for the Android operating system, which was developed by the Forvo Media software group and is available for $ 2.99 on Google Play. The Forvo website has been created to share the pronunciation of different languages. Millions of pronunciations from different languages ​​recorded by the natives can be found on this website. More than 390 languages ​​are now supported on this website. There are different categories such as banking, restaurant, medical, hotel, etc. on this website that you can use to access all of them. Sentences are recorded by website users, so you can’t expect them to capture studio quality, but their quality is good for listening and learning. In pronunciation, it has been tried to make the sentences as short as possible so that they can be memorized and memorized faster. If you travel a lot abroad and are worried about not knowing the language of the destination countries, you must install this program. The pronunciation of sentences in this program is familiar and everyday, so your speech will not be formal and bookish. In addition, you can download the pronunciation and use it offline.

Some features and capabilities of Forvo Travel Android app :

  • It has more than 6 million pronunciations in 390 different languages ​​from around the world
  • The pronunciations are recorded by the natives of the languages
  • The recording quality of the pronunciations is high
  • Categorize pronunciations for easier access to required items
  • Ability to download pronunciations and use the program offline

With the consent of Android users, Forvo Travel application has been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. This program has been introduced at your request in Usroid and now you can download the purchased and complete version of it with all the features from Usroid for free.

V1.1.0 version changes : 

* Error removal
* New language


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