GBWhatsApp v13.60 – The latest version of the popular GB WhatsApp application for Android
Install next to the original version without interfering with the official version
GBWhatsApp is rich and strange

GBWhatsApp is a popular application for simultaneous installation of several WhatsApps for Android devices, which is designed and built based on the original WhatsApp database and all the features that are in the original version of WhatsApp, along with additional features such as Removes image upload restrictions, video size and!! We may not have been able to choose a suitable title for this post, but we have certainly achieved the main purpose; WhatsApp GB application is installed next to the original version and other edited versions of WhatsApp such as “WhatsApp Plus“, “WhatsApp“, “Wap“, etc., and you can register your new number with it. This software will be useful for everyone; Especially those people who have several numbers and want to have an account of all of them in one phone! Not all features of this software end there; You may not believe that you will see a series of strange features in the heart of this program that will surprise you! From viewing media previews before downloading, showing people online on the home screen, saving the status of your contacts to increasing the number of status word characters and support for all file formats to send all and all included in Dell GB WhatsApp Android Is. If you want to take the features of your WhatsApp application beyond normal, GBWhatsApp will undoubtedly be the best option to choose from, and by installing it next to the main WhatsApp, you will be able to enjoy a series of special and wonderful features.

Some features and capabilities of GBWhatsApp Android application:

  • Remove video upload limit from 16 to 30 MB
  • Remove image sending limit from 10 to 90 pieces
  • Increase the number of status letters from 139 to 250 letters
  • Ability to view media without downloading them
  • Functional copy function for copying texts of different parts
  • Ability to change your app icons and notifications
  • Ability to hide the last visit; Tick ​​reading and…
  • Support to contact your contacts
  • Zoom in for profile pictures
  • Availability of different modes for the last visit
  • Availability of specific themes to choose from
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Show last visited / online in main menu
  • Hide name and date when copying chats
  • Ability to copy or paste status-related text
  • Ability to customize all parts of the program
  • The original WhatsApp copy interface without change
  • Change WhatsApp emojis and emoticons
  • Supports pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx and zip formats

Undoubtedly, by reading and seeing the features mentioned above for GBWhatsApp, you have been encouraged to download the latest version from Usroid. The program has been tested by management and has been installed and run without any problems. An important point is that if you have the original version of WhatsApp, you can back up your chats with this program and restore it in this program. Usroid, as the latest Android reference, always provides you with the latest version of this program for free, and you will be able to receive its latest update from this page.

Note: The GB installation file is installed next to the original version, but the Plus version is installed instead of the original version, and to install the Plus version, you must delete the original version.