Heroes of Flatlandia v1.4.1 Mod – The exciting strategy game of the Flemish Heroes Trailer,
the original version of the mod version (Unlimited Money and Mana), tested separately
with an offline run

Heroes of Flatlandia – Heroes of Flemish an exciting and beautiful work in the style of Turned-based Strategy or turn-based strategy. The game was released by Highland Studio in the Czech Republic for $ 1.99 and is known as the developer’s first game. This game is offered in two versions, free (Demo) and paid (Full). In this article from Usroid site, we will introduce the full and paid version of Heroes of Flatlandia. In this game, you set foot in a land called the Land of Flat or Flemish. Where there are many heroes and, of course, evil creatures and monsters live next to them. The heroes of this land are always threatened by these demonic enemies, and their task is to protect the realms of human beings and peace-loving creatures. You can create a kingdom in this land and use every race and heroism to advance and expand your kingdom. The interesting thing is that in this land, all the heroes compete and fight together, and this means that you can choose any of any race you want. Some of the heroes in Heroes of Flatlandia include elves, orcs, wizards, and more.. . . The game also features other imaginary creatures such as dragons, monsters and wolves. You can explore and discover the inaccessible places of this land and create your kingdom in a suitable place. You can use defense systems such as walls and defense towers. In this game, you can also help develop and expand your kingdom by discovering other resources and items. In Heroes of Flatlandia, you must defeat your enemies and win the battlefield by creating armies and strategic and tactical battles. For this purpose, along with all kinds of heroes, you can also use spells and special forces. This game has two main parts (competition with computer and artificial intelligence) and multi-player competition (local) where you can play with your friends on a map at the same time.

Some features of Heroes of Flatlandia Android game:

  • Interesting and three-dimensional graphics and designs
  • Fun gameplay in turn strategy and role-playing style
  • Possibility to fight with different tactics
  • There are three major races of elves, orcs, and the living
  • Has more than 20 different groups and heroes
  • Ability to control and guide 6 separate heroes
  • Has a professional and challenging artificial intelligence
  • Ability to play with friends through the Local Multiplayer section
  • Ability to use dozens of spells and various abilities against enemies
  • Ability to browse and unlock different parts of the map and find hidden items

Heroes of Flatlandia is a beautiful and fun strategy game that you can experience as a single player (in front of a computer) or as a multiplayer with your friends. The game has been purchased and downloaded more than 1,000 times in the Google Play Store, scoring 4.3 out of 5.0 . If you want to experience this interesting game, you can immediately download and enjoy the regular (purchased) and modded version of it in a tested form from Usroid .

Changes to version v1.4.1:

* Improving the user interface
* Adding the ability to select the degree of difficulty
* Adding a new group of orcs
* Removing some minor bugs


Heroes of Flatlandia