Identity V v1.0.1075161 – The fifth person action, exciting and graphic game for Android
An incredibly beautiful game with over 10 million downloads on Google Play
Tested by running online

Identity V – the fifth person is one of the best games offered in the category of action and online games with a unique and very attractive style, which is produced by the Hong Kong game company NetEase Games and is available for free with in-app payment in Google Poly has been released. If you are already familiar with the works released by this game studio, you must know that NetEase Games is the largest producer of Royal style games and so far several popular and global games such as Cyber ​​Hunter , RULES OF SURVIVAL , LifeAfter or Survivor. Royale and several others were produced and released, each of which has attracted the attention of millions of gamers around the world due to their excellent graphics and console gameplay. But the studio has gone a step further and produced other interesting games. Games that are made in the same style but with different features. Identity V is undoubtedly one of these games, the general nature of which is similar to the mentioned games in the survival style, but it also has significant differences. Identity V is released in the style of Horror Survival, and its story is related to interesting characters who are stuck in difficult, strange and very scary situations. Everything in this game is designed so that players in any role and situation are fascinated by the wonderful atmosphere of this game. The story of the game starts from a letter. The letter is sent to a detective from an anonymous source, asking him to follow up on the kidnapping of a little girl by visiting an abandoned property. The detective, who of course has experienced similar problems in his personal life, decides to go to that place to help the girl and investigate the matter. But as soon as he reaches this big and scary house, the story changes and he realizes that the story is not what he thought. Other human beings are trapped in this place, and the character of the detective is now becoming another victim. In Identity V, there are two completely different and opposite groups. The first group is the Survivors group and the second group is the Hunters group. You have to start playing the characters of these two groups in this game. This area has been turned into a scary area by various hunters and of course individually. You have to start playing the role of survivors in group games 4 to 1 (ie 4 survivors and 1 hunter). All other characters and players in Identity V are also online and in the game for a moment. If you choose one of the surviving characters, your task is to find a way to escape by working with other players, finding clues and solving puzzles and decoding coded documents! On the other hand, there are very wild and scary hunters whose job is to find and destroy the survivors. You can even appear in the role of these hunters and complete their missions!


Identity V


In Identity V there are 18 surviving characters and 11 hunter characters. Each character has its own story and its own unique features and capabilities. If you want to play the role of one of the survivors, you have to choose your favorite character so that with his abilities you can help your teammates in the best possible way to work together to escape this catastrophe. But if you want to be a hunter, you can choose the character you want from different hunters. Every hunter with his own shape and image and with his characteristics can be the worst nightmare of these survivors! If you become a hunter, you have to look for survivors and hunt them down! This unique style has made Identity V a completely different and online game and different from all other online games. Unique and completely three-dimensional graphics, along with professional gameplay and third-person dynamics, has made this game more than a mobile game. During the game you will find various weapons, items and tools and you can use the special forces of each character to your advantage. Apart from these, the amazing sounds and soundtracks of this game make you go into the depths of this dark and scary atmosphere and experience a controversial fear! The game also has many management and personalization sections in which you can manage your desired character and use interesting items in this field. Identity V is not only one of the best survival style games, but also one of the best action genre releases, as well as one of the most amazing mobile games of recent years, with far better features than most other mobile games. Then you can get Identity V tested and free from Usroid and enter an amazing adventure! The game has been released on Google Play with more than 10 million downloads and a score of 4.1 out of 5.0, but you can download the latest official version right now from this page.

Note: To run correctly, first change the language of your device to English and run the game by changing the IP.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.netease.idv.googleplay folder to the Android / obb path of the internal storage.

– Run the game.