Impostor v1.1.2 + Mod – A lovable role-playing Android game
Original version + Mod version (free mobile purchase) separately
Tested by running offline

Impostor is the name of a role-playing game that has been developed by Mobisoft Technology Ltd for mobile devices running on the Android operating system. Mobisoft Technology Ltd has previously released other successful games for gamers and has a successful track record in game development. Impostor is another great game from this game studio that has brought a unique and distinctive gaming experience to gamers by offering familiar gameplay. If you are familiar with the amazing and popular game Among Us, you will immediately notice that this game is exactly like Among Us. Just like Among Us, you are a group of astronauts on a spaceship, and your task is to find the impostor who constantly sabotages and disrupts the ship and eventually throw him out. Of course, this is in cases where you are not the impostor yourself. If you are the impostor, your goal is much different and more terrifying: to kill all the astronauts. Whether you are an astronaut or an impostor, you will not see any significant changes in terms of gameplay. However, when you take on one of these roles, it gives you a different feeling while playing, and you will have a different experience. This makes the game never monotonous or boring for you and always has a sense of freshness and novelty.




One of the great features of Impostor is its very simple controls. Simply move the virtual joystick with your left thumb to guide your character and move the camera or perform special actions with your right thumb. But just like Among Us, other astronauts are also doing other things at the same time as you, trying to keep the spaceship safe and not let it break down, and you have no control over their actions. Another good feature of this game is its interesting customization items. All of these items are available at the beginning of the game. These items include hats, clothes, weapons, and … and make your characters look completely different from Among Us characters. Overall, this game seems immediately familiar to anyone who has tried Among Us. All astronauts can move freely in the spaceship and do their own tasks and sound the alarm. As soon as the alarm is heard, everyone gathers together and anyone can express their opinion, accuse others, or defend themselves through chat. Finally, a vote is taken and one person is thrown out of the spaceship. With incredible graphics, different skins, and dynamic and super addictive gameplay, Impostor has successfully created an experience similar to Among Us in 3D format for the first time, and we definitely recommend it. Impostor has earned a 4.1 out of 5.0 rating on the Android market, and the team at Usroid intends to provide you with the original and modded versions of the game, tested and completely free. You can now download this game from the direct links we have provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Note: The game is only installed on smartphones with arm64 processor.