Mighty Knights: Kingdom v1.1.5 + Mod – Role-playing and adventure game “Mighty Knights: Kingdom” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money and diamonds) separately
Tested with offline execution

Mighty Knights: Kingdom – Powerful Knights: Kingdom is the second game from the franchise called Mighty Knights, developed by the Hong Kong studio, Lemon Jam Studio, which has also developed games like Walls Breaker for free. Mighty Knights: Kingdom, following the success of the previous part, which was released under the name Mighty Knights: Kingdom, has been released. As always, Usroid has made it available for download exclusively with a modified version at the same time as its release on Google Play. It is worth mentioning that this game has been published in Iran for the first time by Usroid on the web. Mighty Knights: Kingdom is an interesting combination of action, role-playing, and, most importantly, adventure styles. The first part of this series of games was an Idle and RPG game, just like its title, but Lemon Jam Studio has decided to release the second part in the adventure style this time. However, the interesting point here is that these two games are very similar in terms of style, context, and appearance, and they follow a specific style. The game developer has also stated in the game introduction that Mighty Knights: Kingdom is a role-playing game with Idle elements and mechanisms. However, for some reason, they have decided to determine the main genre of the game as adventure.


Infinite Knights - Ash


The game Mighty Knights: Kingdom tells a very cliché story of ancient heroes who are faced with a great enemy and his army to save humanity. The story takes place in an ancient historical period, when humans are suddenly invaded by an army of demons. The demons intend to conquer the human kingdom and rule the world! Five heroes from the kingdom rise up to protect their lands and stand up against the main enemy, the Demon King. The heroes succeed in the fierce battle against the great enemy, but in the last moment of the battle, the Demon King turns his remaining power into a seed and transfers it to the depths of the earth. Years pass from this battle, and humans who thought their enemy had disappeared forever are surprised by something strange and very terrifying. That seed that had gone underground years ago turns into a strange and unusual flower. This flower was actually the last remaining of the Demon King, who had been rebuilding and storing his energy for his return all this time. Now he has returned again, and this time with a more dangerous and powerful army to seek revenge on the heroes of the story. Throughout the game Mighty Knights: Kingdom, you have to fight against demonic enemies in various places in the form of group battles and RPG, and destroy them. The game’s characters and heroes each have their own special features and skills that can help you in battles depending on your choices and combat tactics. To get the latest version of Mighty Knights: Kingdom from Usroid, go to the download box now and download the game through the site’s direct links.