Master for Mi Band v3.1.4 – Complete Control Application for Xiaomi Smart Band Android
Professional version of the program with access to all features and capabilities

After the great success of smartphones, big technology companies decided to smarten up other classic items. Smartwatches, smart glasses, and smart wristbands are examples of attempts to make wearable devices smarter, some of which have been very successful and some have not been popular and have faced failure in their early stages. One of the most successful of these attempts is the smart wristband, which is now experiencing millions of sales. The smart wristband is a device that connects to a smartphone, and its main function is to monitor and analyze all body movements and conditions throughout the day. In fact, the job of the smart wristband is to receive information from the environment and send it to the smartphone for various calculations and display of different results. One of the best and most popular smart wristbands is the Xiaomi mi band, and today we are here with an application to fully manage it. Master for Mi Band is a very comprehensive and practical application for managing and controlling Xiaomi’s smart wristband, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by the software group BLACKNOTE and published for free on Google Play. By receiving information such as heart rate, number of steps, amount of sleep, etc. from the smart wristband, this application provides a complete analysis of the user’s activity and rest status through various graphics and elements by performing various calculations. These analyses are personalized based on the user’s weight, gender, and age. If you have a mi band, we recommend installing this application to you.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Master for Mi Band Android application are:

  • Display battery status of the wristband
  • Display the amount of burned calories
  • Display user’s movement speed (based on the number of steps per unit of time)
  • Display detailed information about the amount of sleep and its hours on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, as well as the average amount of sleep
  • Display complete information on the distance, number of steps, speed, and calories burned by the user in a year, categorized by day, month, and week
  • Maintain and display a complete profile of the user’s weight at different times
  • Possibility to add recurring, one-time, and … alarms for both the phone and the wristband
  • Possibility to set the display of received text messages on the wristband, with the ability to filter message content and fully customize how to receive message alerts
  • The ability to set notifications for various events such as low battery or exceeding a certain amount of consumed calories, etc.
  • Providing comprehensive statistics of the information sent by the wristband
  • The ability to find the smart wristband

The Master for Mi Band application is a very useful program for Xiaomi smart wristband owners and can provide complete control of the wristband for them. Master for Mi Band has received a score of 3.9 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play. You can now get the professional version of this app for free from Usroid.


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