Mini Ini Mo is a new, extremely beautiful and challenging game in the style of intellectual games for the Android operating system , which with a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 in the Play Store, despite its monetary value, has been well received and is on the list of top and The most popular Android games! The game tells the story of three lovely characters with the names of Mini, Ini and Mo, who also understood the name of the game, and with their help and using the unique skills of each, different parts of the game are left behind. Head on over and solve challenging and exciting puzzles.

During the game, you will need all three characters to advance each level, and you must solve the puzzles of each level with these three little heroes and ascend to higher levels. If you like to enter a different world and solve fun puzzles with the help of three lovely characters, then do not miss the beautiful Mini Ini Mo game!

Some features of Android Mini Ini Mo brain teaser:

* Being 3 different characters with unique abilities to advance the game

* Includes 21 levels with over 45 unique and challenging puzzles

* Play in 3 different and diverse worlds

* Collect all the achievements along the way to increase the excitement of the game

* Ability to combine abilities to help your little friends

* Having excellent quality and graphics and good sound compared to its very low volume

The beautiful and entertaining Mini Ini Mo game is currently on sale in the Android Market at a price of $ 1.99 , and today in Usroid, we have put the latest version of it for you, regular users! If you would like to get more acquainted with the gameplay of the game, we suggest that you download and watch the trailer of the game by referring to the following…


Download Mini Ini Mo - a fun and attractive Android game




Download This Mini Mo Android Game Apk - NEW



Download This Mini Mo Android Game Apk - NEW



Download This Mini Mo Android Game Apk - NEW