Network Speed ​​Meter Pro v2.0 – App for showing the true speed of the Android Internet
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One of the issues that many smartphone users complain about is their internet speed, which does not satisfy them. The speed offered is usually very different from the actual speed and creates many problems for the subscribers; Hence, it has been observed that many smartphone users are looking to find their true internet speed, which has led to the emergence of tools for testing in this field. Network Speed ​​Meter ProTitle is a complete and perfect application for displaying the real speed of Android Internet, published by AWS-Photo Editor. This software with a completely simple environment helps you to see your internet speed at any time and receive complete information. There are two download and upload speeds supported by this startup, which you can view at any time in the notifications bar by activating a special shortcut in the settings. Unlike many similar tools, this great startup separates the amount of data consumed by mobile internet and Wi-Fi and helps you to monitor the consumed traffic at any time.

Some features and capabilities of Android Network Speed ​​Meter Pro:

  • Access real internet speeds at any time
  • Display download and upload speeds without any delay
  • Separating the amount of traffic data consumed by smartphone and Wi-Fi data
  • View speed in the notification bar and lock screen
  • Supports several different and varied languages
  • Access to specific and varied settings
  • Very simple and easy user interface

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Network Speed Meter Pro