Root Master – Boost v2.8 [Unlocked + Ad-Free] – An app for optimizing rooted Android devices Unlocked and ad-free
version of the app worth $ 99.99
Introduced for the first time in Iran

It can be said that one of the problems that in some cases and over time, users of rooted devices face is the loss of stability of the smartphone and slowing down its performance, which is also very annoying. Today, in this post, and for the first time in Iran, we intend to eliminate all your problems and revive the device again by introducing an amazing application! Root Master – Boost Full Unlocked is a smart application for optimizing rooted Android devicesHas been published by Top Tools developer in Google Play Market. The set of special algorithms used in this unique tool allows users to access different parts of the device and optimize it according to their needs. Just decide what you need; Because some users want to increase the speed of the smartphone or others need to reduce battery consumption and CPU resources, or some are looking for a general stability and balance in their mobile phone. Unlike other similar programs, there is no need to constantly close background programs, and the above application with its great system shows the real potential of the device.

Some features and capabilities of Root Master – Boost Android application:

  • Optimization of different parts of Android smart devices
  • Supports a unique algorithm for optimizing different parts
  • Establish overall stability in all different parts of the smartphone
  • Prevent excessive battery consumption
  • Fantastic and unique system for balancing the device without having to constantly close background programs
  • Automatic backup system to prevent any damage to the device

Root Master – Boost app has managed to get more than 5 million active downloads by supporting a unique and unique system and scored 4.4 out of 5.0 due to its $ 99.99 in-network payment, which you can now Download the unlocked version of it from the huge Usroid database at no cost .

Note: The Root Master – Boost Full program may skip in the initial run; Run it again.

Changes in version v2.8:

* Program fixes + new features