Sharpen Blade v1.25.0 Mod – a very fun and creative game “Sharp Blade” for Android,
the regular version of the mod version (unlimited money) tested separately
with offline execution

Sharpen Blade – Sharpen Blade is the name of a very well-made and well-made fun game in the style of simulation games, which is made by ZPLAY Games, a company that makes games such as Beat Racer , Taponomicon , Will Hero and Idle Digging Tycoon made and developed. Usroid, along with the release of the new version of this game on Google Play, has prepared and reviewed the latest version and has prepared a modded version of it for you so that you can easily and quickly play this game in a normal or modified way from Download our fast servers and install on your Android device. Sharpen Blade is without a doubt one of the most attractive, creative and lovable games in ZPLAY studio. This game is made with different designs than other games of this game company. The simple but super fun idea of ​​Sharpen Blade makes this game a very addictive and fun title that you may not be able to easily get rid of in the first run and like to follow the steps of this game as well. . The style of play has been removed from a simple idea, and of course it cannot be said that this idea is something completely new or exclusive. However, the good development of this idea and the professional design of the gameplay have made Sharpen Blade a complete and professional title that is able to cover every taste well and be attractive for any player with any interest. .


Sharpen Blade


In Sharpen Blade You have to make different blades like daggers, swords, knives, axes and so on. Your job is to shape and sharpen these blades! But how do you do that? At the beginning of each stage of the game, a blade that you have to build will be displayed to you and then the game will start. Each blade consists of several different parts that must be done one after the other. At the beginning of each section, a special cut stone is placed on the screen. You need to cut a blade that does not have a specific shape towards this stone and cut where it is highlighted. To do this, you must be careful and try to approach the blade correctly and carefully to the cutting stone. If you cut less than enough, you can’t go to the next section, and on the other hand, if you cut more than the required amount, the final shape of your blade will be damaged and you will get less points if its overall nature is not lost. . Sharpen Blade is followed in the same way. After making different parts of a blade, it’s time to polish and sharpen its edges. This is practically a fun and unchallenged part. But the next part of Sharpen Blade is trying out the blade you made! To do this, you need to cut various items, including a hamburger and its side dishes, with one quick move. This part of the game is very enjoyable and attractive, and these cuts occur slowly as a scene, and it will make you feel very interesting. In Sharpen Blade, you can earn money by playing the game and buy and unlock various items from the store section. Sharpen Blade is a really fun yet challenging game that has dozens of different stages and can keep you entertained for a long time. This beautiful game has more than 10 million downloads, and now its latest version, along with a modded version of it, from servers Usroid is ready to download.

Note: The installation file format is a regular version of the APKS game and must be installed in the download package with the help of the sAI program.