Speed ​​Dial Widget – Quick and easy to call v1.47  Contacts widget for fast calling in Android
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One of the most important advantages that classic mobile phones have over today’s smartphones is the user’s simplicity and ease of use. In classic phones, it was enough to press one or three buttons for each task, and often each task had its own button. The most important thing that classic mobile phones did was make calls and send text messages, for both of which there was a special button. The simplicity of working with classic phones made it easy for the elderly, the illiterate and children to work with these phones. One of the reasons that seniors are reluctant to use smartphones is the complexity of doing things on smartphones. To solve this problem, many applications have been provided, some of which we have introduced in Usroid. Speed ​​Dial Widget – Quick and easy to callTitle is an application for creating a contact widget for quick and easy calls, which is developed by VizNext software group for Android devices.Developed and published for free on Google Play. With this app, instead of looking for contacts in Android Dialler and wasting your time, you can find and contact your contacts at a much higher speed in this application. This program is very useful for the elderly and illiterate people, because they no longer need to read names to find their contact, the contact pictures are displayed in circular icons and the user just has to click on the contact photo. To be able to contact him. With the Speed ​​Dial Widget application, various tasks can be done with just one touch, for example, you can call, send a text message, send a message via WhatsApp or call Skype. Double-tap or double-tap to specify what you are looking to do. . Divide your contacts into different categories such as category, friends, family و. You can add each group individually to your phone’s Home screen.

Some features and capabilities of Speed ​​Dial Widget app – Quick and easy to call Android :

  • Ability to resize the contact list
  • Ability to select the function once and twice to send a message and make a call
  • Ability to add contacts to the screen using the widget indefinitely
  • Ability to resize contacts and add photos from the gallery
  • There are different themes in the application

Application Speed Dial Widget – Quick and easy to call a program very useful for those who, due to high complexity, can not use smartphones. This program is very popular and popular so that it has a download number of over 100,000. Speed ​​Dial Widget application – Quick and easy to call with user satisfaction has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download this program from Usroid for free without ads and in full .


Speed Dial Widget - Quick and easy to call