The Birdcage 2 v1.0.5668 + Mod – Puzzle game to free the birds from the cage 2 Android + Trailer Normal version + Mod version (unlocked) Tested separately with offline run

The Birdcage 2 The second version of the incredibly beautiful puzzle and brain teaser game with the excellent design and construction of MobiGrow Studio for Android, which was released for free on Google Play hours ago, and as always, we decided to release it for the first time at the same time. Let us introduce Iran to your presence and bring you ecstasy once again. The general story of the first version of The Birdcage was about a heartbroken king who loses his child in an accident and, in grief over the loss of his son, takes the wind out of the sky and imprisons the birds in a cage! You had to solve different puzzles to release the birds one after the other and try to bring the wind back to the sky! A wide range of beautiful and lovely birds were imprisoned in different cages, and it is you who must solve the puzzles and riddles, big and small, to release them one by one! In the second version of the game, the gameplay is the same, but you follow a different story; A fascinating story about a young character who embarks on a journey to learn magic and encounters a series of difficulties, and now it is up to you to join him and help him get through the missions if he is interested inYou are an Android puzzle and brain teaser game. Undoubtedly, The Birdcage attracts your attention with its extremely beautiful design and addictive gameplay, and puts you, a lover of games of this genre, into a real, engaging and, of course, memorable story!


The Birdcage


The Birdcage 2 game has been downloaded less than a thousand times by users of Android devices around the world, and today in Usroid , we have released its first version with a download mode, which allows you to first view images and a video of the gameplay. See it and finally, if you want, download it with one click and be one of the first people to experience it. As mentioned, The Birdcage game has also been tested by us and has run without any problems.

Changes in version V1.0.5668:

* Added new features.