Tower Defense Realm King v3.5.6 + Mod – An interesting strategic game “Kingdom Defense Tower” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested for offline play

Tower Defense Realm King – Kingdom Defense Tower is another tower defense (TD) game from the category of strategic games that has been produced by Daedalus Game studio in Croatia and is available for mobile devices and Android battlefields completely free of charge with in-app payment capability. In this article, you can download this game for the first time in Iran from Fasroid. You are probably familiar with this type of games and know that hundreds of Tower Defense games have been produced and released recently. These games are a subset of strategic games and their main point is that you have to complete the game stages with a strategic and calculated force. Tower Defense Realm King is also one of these enjoyable games with similar features in other games, but its creators have made a lot of effort to evolve it. Therefore, you are not facing a very simple and ordinary game, and it can be said that Tower Defense Realm King is an evolved and professional game in the Tower Defense game genre. In this game, unlike similar games whose nature is related to a historical period, you will face various historical periods. For example, you can use ancient defense towers like archers, or you can take advantage of advanced and modern defensive fortifications of the future with concern! There are dozens of different items and forces in this game that you can use to the best of their abilities. The item upgrade section is one of the most important parts of the Tower Defense Realm King game, through which you can upgrade forces, towers, and defensive fortifications to several levels and improve their performance by several degrees.

Some features of the Tower Defense Realm King game for Android:

  • 50 different stages in the game
  • Challenging and entertaining gameplay in the TD genre
  • Interesting and beautiful animations and graphics
  • Over 40 types of enemies including orcs, bats, and more
  • Possibility to use 20 different defensive towers with their own special features
  • Possibility to use various weapons and special powers
  • Daily rewards and multiple score items
  • Possibility to upgrade powers with 25 items
  • Possibility to set the game difficulty level for each stage
  • Over 100 score and special items throughout the game
  • Optimized for Android tablets and mobiles

Tower Defense Realm King is a successful and attractive example in the field of tower defense games that has provided many challenges for you. Your enemies become tougher in later stages and can only be defeated with proper strategies! In this game, your task is to use the defensive towers you place along the way to prevent the enemies from reaching the end line. This game has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. The Tower Defense Realm King game is now available in both regular and mod versions, tested by Usroid.


Tower Defense Realm King