Town Rush v160 + Mod – Competitive and Strategic Game “Attack on City” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested for Offline Play

Town Rush – Attack on the City is the name of a simple yet very entertaining and beautiful strategy game from the Turkish studio, FIRE STUDIOS, which has been released as a free game on Google Play and is available to players. As always, Usroid offers this game exclusively to you, dear users, and presents the latest version along with a modded version. Town Rush is one of those games that can easily entertain you and challenge your strategic abilities. Although the game may seem simple in nature and its process may not have any particular complexity, it should be noted that the game will only progress based on your calculated decisions and reactions. That’s why the game’s creator has described it as easy to learn but challenging to succeed. Therefore, do not consider the game’s simple and cartoonish appearance as an indication of its ease and predictability.


Town Rush


The game Town Rush puts you in the role of a commander, where you must make important decisions to achieve two main goals. The first goal is to fortify the towers of your city, and the second goal is to destroy the enemy’s towers! To achieve these two goals, you must spend your resources accurately and appropriately calculate them. Your resources, which increase periodically, can be used in two ways. In the game Town Rush, you can use your resources to deploy troops or improve buildings. Each building is made up of many parts that are placed on top of each other. A certain amount of resources is specified for adding a new part to the existing parts on your buildings, and you can add a new section to the previous sections on your buildings by paying the specified cost. With the addition of each section, your building becomes taller and stronger. On the other hand, to deploy each soldier, you must spend a certain amount of your resources. After being prepared by you, the soldiers automatically attack the enemy’s buildings and destroy a section of their building, weakening them. The game process will be in these two parts, but don’t forget that your enemy will do the same and try to defeat you by sending troops to your buildings. Maintaining balance and using limited resources properly is the most important issue in the game Town Rush, which you cannot succeed in competitions without paying enough attention to it. If you are looking for a small, simple, yet entertaining and challenging competitive game, Town Rush is worth experiencing. You can download the latest version of this game in both normal and modded forms by going to Usroid Download Box ( and downloading it through the site’s direct links.