Turn It On! v1.38 – Turn on a very beautiful puzzle game for Android + trailer
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Turn It On! – Light it up! It is the title of a very attractive and entertaining game by the Hungarian creative studio Rushing Pixel, which is produced in a puzzle style for the Android operating system and is available in two demo versions (free) and full (paid for $ 1.99). Usroid as always and for the first time in IranThis game has been introduced and the final and purchased version has been prepared and provided for you dear ones. Amazing designs with great graphics is the first main feature of this lovely game. Find and experience a unique and new game like Turn It On! As hundreds of stereotyped and repetitive games are produced and released in similar genres. It is very enjoyable. As soon as you encounter this game, you will probably realize that it is different and you will realize that this game is an exclusive and unique effect. Turn It On! An interesting collection and collection of puzzles in black and electric boxes, each of which works with a different and special system. Your task is to solve the puzzles related to these black boxes in order to discover how they work and their mechanism. In each box, you may encounter items such as buttons, switches, knobs, levers, gears, measuring instruments, screens, splits, wiring, and the like. From the appearance of these black boxes, it is not possible to understand their internal mechanism. You have to find out the solution of each device by trial and error in a puzzle operation so that you can finally activate and turn on that split box! In fact, the style of gameplayThe game is more like an intelligence game than a puzzle game, in which not only your mind and mathematical calculations, but also your intelligence and memory are challenged.


Turn It On!


In Turn It OnYou have to examine and perform the puzzles with special care and skill, as well as with great delicacy, otherwise your progress may be stopped very soon and the whole system and mechanism of the box in front of you will fail! The creators of the game say that there is more than one way to solve the puzzles, and if players can understand the nature of the game, they can discover more solutions for the next puzzles! The design of this type of dynamic puzzle is very interesting and remarkable that we have seen less in games of this style. Turn It On! As a multi-purpose and completely different challenge, it can relieve your tiredness from stereotyped and repetitive games and make your mind think and analyze from several sides. Of course, in general, it should be said that these puzzles are not very difficult and complex, and any player who has a little knowledge and experience in the field of puzzle games can understand the challenges of this fascinating game and solve them in a short time. This game is one of the acclaimed works and has won two prestigious awards from SaveGame and PixelCon festivals. Turn It On! By registering more than 1000 downloads on Google Play to date, it has been able toIt has an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 and will delight many Android users. You can alsojoin the fans of this amazing gameby downloading the purchased and complete version of this game from Usroid !

Changes in version v1.38:

* Support for X64 devices
* Fixed minor bugs + reduced overall game volume.